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Who Invented Carrom: And 7 Reasons Behind [Proof]

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There have been a lot of misconceptions around the web about the inventor of the carrom board game.

So in this post, I’m going to talk about who invented the carrom board game and also the reasons behind that.

This way you’ll able to get proof and know exactly where and who actually invented carrom.

So let’s begin!

Who Invented The Carrom Board Game?

It has been believed that the carrom board game is invented by the Indian Maharajas just because they are the known inventors of the similar kind of games like hockey and polo.

But, there has not been any proof of that’s actually the case.

So in a nutshell, this has been just a guessing game for so long.

Finally, you’ll be able to find out which cast of people is the reason behind that the carrom board game is invented.

No matter what, this is true that the carrom board has been invented in the Indian sub-continent and there are various proofs behind which I’m going to lay down here below.

Reasons Of Why Carrom Is Invented By Indians?

Here are 7 concrete reasons as to why carrom board is indeed an invention of Indian sub-continent.

Reason #1: Majority of the championships are conducted in India

Majority of the carrom championships are arranged in India. This doesn’t mean that foreign players don’t take part in them.

Though majority of the carrom championships are locally setup and for local people. Like the one that Tamil people initialize every often.

But, there are also some major events of carrom boards where international players also take part in and come to India to showcase their techniques and skills.

Reason #2: Majority of the top players are from India

Major players in the field of carrom board are from India. There is a long list of these players and a few of them are also covered in my post which I wrote a few months ago.

There is no doubt about the fact that most of the finest players in the world of carrom board actually come from India.

Not all though.

There is a player Pierre Dubois who is from France and is pretty known about his gameplay. He also has a YouTube channel.

And here’s one of his recent videos:

Reason #3: Online stats shows “carrom board” is the most searched term in India compared to other countries

The game itself “carrom board” has a search volume of 201,000 in the whole world and out of that 165,000 comes only from India.

Here’s a screenshot for the whole world:


VS India:


You can now say that India is the country behind carrom invention and the people who say Indian Maharajahs invented the carrom might be 99% true.

Reason #4: Major carrom board brands are made up of India

If you can look at the major carrom board brands in this industry you’ll soon find out that the major brands in this space are made from India.

Brands like Synco, Surco, Precise, Siscaa are all the brands that come directly from India.

Reason #5: Most of the carrom accessories are produced in India

Same goes for the accessories as well. These major brands also produce carrom accessories like carrom mens, strikers, mashes, powder, carrom board cover, score counter and so on.

Reason #6: Majority of the carrom machines setups are in India

Most of the factories for production of carrom board are setup entirely in India.

There are a very few companies that produce carrom boards outside of India one of the known one is Uber.

Reason #7: Everyone is quite familiar with the carrom board game in India

In India, if you ask anyone about the carrom board game they will know it for sure.

Unlike in a different country a few people might say: what’s that?

And that’s another solid reason that carrom board game is indeed invented in India.

Carrom board game has been featured in a few Hollywood and Tollywood (Tamil) movies as well.

Here You Have It

Here are the 7 concrete reasons that why an Indian or group of Indians are the reason behind the inventions of carrom board.

Without its creation we might not be able to enjoy this wonderful indoor game with our family and friends.

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