Ways to Use Evernote: How to Use the Best Note-Taking App

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Ways to Use Evernote: How to Use the Best Note-Taking App
Are you using Evernote app correctly?

Evernote is the best among all note taking apps on android. It let you do many things in your notes you can include images, text, podcast, videos etc. It’s available in computers ( Windows, Mac OS X ) and mobile devices ( iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry ) you can download it from here. Today I am going to show 9 best ways or tips to use Evernote.

Everyone can utilize Evernote because it’s easy to use app, you see our brain constantly running giving us lots of ideas, for these ideas to stick in our minds we should have to know how to use, Evernote.

How to Use Evernote: Top 9 Ways to Take Advantage

1. We Spark Ideas

Is this ever happen to you? spark an important idea and forget? this happens to me many times. Here comes Evernote app. Whenever you spark an idea I recommend use Evernote to instantly record your ideas and save it, so that it can easily be used later.

2. Sync

Sync, an important feature let you access your notes on both your mobile and computer by updating ( syncing ) notebooks. For instance lets say you write a note on your mobile phone and you were not connected to the internet ( i.e offline ) after sometime you open up the computer need that note desperately on your computer, what you’ll do? exactly, tap on sync button on your mobile phone when online so it’ll synchronize and send the note to your desktop version of your Evernote.

3. Notebooks

Organize your notes in different notebooks have many as you want. For example, you are researching about a specific topic lets say photography then create a notebook named photography and save all your notes regarding the that term in that notebook so you know where you saved your favourite researched notes.

4. Research

I also made a post on apps for android that make your research easy where i included Evernote as a research tool that can help you fulfil your researching goals.

5. Record Your Voice in a Rush

Why not record your voice instead of typing all the time. Evernote gives you just the feature you want, voice typing, your speech turn into text. But for this feature to use you should have Google Voice Search installed on your android.

6. To-Do list

Create to-do list by inserting little check boxes in your note. Whenever you complete the task check the box to let yourself know you have done a thing.

7. Clip The Web

Evernote has a great feature called Web Clipper available in all 5 major browsers ( Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera ) which let you clip links, images, text or a whole web page so that you can easily read the page with-in the app. Notice, this feature is only available in desktop version.

8. Recipe

Lets say you are watching a food program on your television and you have to save all the ingredients for a recipe. In that case Evernote is a snap to use just speak the ingredients it’ll write for you. isn’t easy? 😀

9. Your Creativity Matters

It really matters. Find out different ways and techniques so you can use Evernote effectively. Evernote has many uses for many different people for example a programmer may use it in it’s own way than a graphic designer.

How I Use Evernote?

As a blogger @BoostAndroid I mainly use this app for blog post ideas. For example as for this post top 10 best productivity apps for android I use it to save my post idea. You can also use Evernote app for blogging purposes.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to comment me below your comments may help someone just like you 😀

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