Useful Android Apps: 10 Best Ways to Take Most Out of Your Phone

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Useful Android Apps: 10 Best Ways to Take Most Out of Your Phone
Are you using useful apps that can boost your productivity?

This post shows you the top 10 best useful productivity apps for android that as an androider, you must have them installed on your phone. Android let you do certain things with different third party apps. These apps become useful as you use it for your own purposes. Sometimes these apps becomes more effective that they make your life easier and make you more productive.

Below is a list of top 10 useful apps on android that make you more productive and saves time.

Useful Android Apps: 10 Best Ways to Take Most Out of Your Phone

Clean master is the best and highly rated app on Android market. It let you clean your mobile from useless app cache that is making your mobile slow. There are many useful options like uninstalling in a bulk, move to SD card, delete browsing history and so on. This is the must have app if your Android is slow.

2. Airdroid

Airdroid let you send file from PC to android and vice versa. This is a useful app. You don’t have to install on your PC to transfer the file. Just follow the instructions given inside the app.

3. Evernote

I love Evernote and bet you will also like it. It’s an amazing software application that i love to have with me all the time and i use it often. Their are many features on Evernote it’s basically used to take notes, write your ideas etc. Many users use Evernote in their own ways for example i use it for blog post ideas and save in it, whereas others use it as a to-do list etc. Therefore i made a brief post on about 9 ways to use Evernote.

4. Battery Doctor

Battery doctor is a wonderful app which saves a lot of juice from your android. By now it’s rated 1,715,338 times on play store. However it works for me and others but some are disappointed with this app for example it sometimes don’t work with Motorola Razr M and other mobile phones maybe. But i encourage you to download and try it out. It has couple of good options to save battery and extend life.
Afraid of damaging your eyes in dark? if yes then screen filter is for you, screen filter is one of the useful app. It’s a very simple app that let you lower the brightness at night so you can read or play games in dark without damaging your eyes.

Caution! don’t set it to the lowest value because it makes it so dark you can’t see what’s going on the screen.

If you take photos with your android often, then you love this piece of software. It’s basically a photo editing application software with a lot of useful effects. It has a simple and clear interface, yet powerful. Swiping is the key ingredient in snapseed for example, to increase brightness swipe right to increase and swipe left to decrease. Try it out for free.
This is one of my favourite browsers on android. It has some of the useful features such as sonar(voice search) and gestures. The speciality of dolphin is sonar it works like Google voice search. It can be customized with a range of great addons. Draw gestures on screen for example, draw G to access Google and F for Facebook.
Awesome lyrics finder for your song. Everybody listen songs and if they need to find lyrics they go and search web, however this app gives you the interface where you can search lyrics. musiXmatch let you find lyrics all in one place. You will love to have it in your android app collection, if you read lyrics often. This app considered as  the #1 in lyrics finding.

9. Ted

TED’s official android app is now available on android market. You might be thinking why it’s here in this list of Useful Android Apps: because it’s an inspiring app, having talks from the worlds most fascinating people that will definitely charge you up and make you more productive. Try it out because it’s an awesome app.

10. Pocket

Pocket is another form of bookmarking or you can say it’s a web browser.  What pocket does is save a webpage for you to explore it later. It can be integrated with browsers like Mozilla Firefox and others etc. It’s best for you if you read the web often, and need to go to the particular content again.

Please let me know what you think of these apps. Have a great list of apps that you considered as productive, useful and time savers? then comment the name of those apps below. Your comments will be appreciated and thanked.

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