Unique Android Games: Top 10 Best Engaging & Fun to Play

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The best unique android games for you!

Frustrated to find the best amazing, stunning, unique games that are fun to play? This is all we dreamed of. Now more and more development is happening everyday, dozens of applications, and unique games are added to the android market but, because they are new many androiders don’t even notice that the games they are looking for is right under floating in the android market, my job is to reveal those addicted unique games as they release to help you.

You may also like top 10 best HD heavy games for android. Now i am establishing the list of Top 10 Best Unique Android Games That are Engaging and Fun to Play!

Unique Android Games: Top 10 Best Engaging & Fun to Play

1. Trial Xtreme 3(FREE)

Graphics are awesome, gameplay is smooth although i have played Trial Xterme 2 which is also very great, but in my opinion downloading the latest version is far more better. Play alone or head to head against your Facebook friends and random players.
Wow this game really discovers my creativity, it’s a calm game no extra efforts to be made just relax and create pottery. Comes with both free and paid versions. Although the paid version is far more awesome than free one. If you like to buy it, then first play the free version to check it out, and then buy it, if you like it.
Award winning game is now also on android. This is a puzzle like game but it’s very different and unique in the sense you have millions of Goo Balls. Structure them by following the instructions. Just checkout the demo version and then download the full version if you like.

Love skating? this is the must have game for the true skaters. Features like realistic touch based physics, smooth gameplay, 3D objects, natural environment. There are dozens of stunts you can make like 360 Flip, Backside 180 etc.
Have you ever tried to battle with someone in front of a big crowd? that’s the actual theme of this game. Cheering , screaming voices from the audience gives you the WOW Experience. The second version of this game will definitely gives you extreme goosebumps =p.

Swing your rope from tree-to-tree just like a monkey, very addicted fun and engaging experience is developed when you play this game. I highly recommend this game and is one of my favourite.
This game is having the editors choice title in the android market. Jaw dropping 3D graphics make you say wow. Enter the deadly sharks world, 45 missions to complete and much more. So why are you waiting for, explore how it feels to be in a huge world under water.
Enter the zombie world with the top view gameplay, the bestest feature of the game is Replayability for those who wants to achieve perfection in every stage of the game. Oops i forget to mention that it’s highly playable.
Protect little pumpkids from the Evil Zombie Like Birds called the  ZOMBIRDS you will absolutely love the detailed graphics and drawings in this game, nice and smooth overall well made. You will also love the pumpkids voice =).

Truly beautiful golf courses, incredible detailed objects and some awesomeness added to improve the overall game. It’s really hard to put down this game highly addictive, recommending to everyone on the earth.

Last Words,
This is my list of Top 10 Best Unique Android Games. I believe not every game is unique some are very common like shooting, sports games etc, while some are unique or uncommon just like the above list.

If you think i did not mention some of the unique games you know then comment me below, your comments will be highly appreciated and thanked.

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