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Your 2019 Guide on Using Trash Can Spy Cameras

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The title of this article alone arouses a lot of questions. After all, most people don’t use spy cameras, so why would you get one yourself? On top of that, we’re not talking about conventional spy cameras. We’re talking about trash can spy cameras. Almost no one looks into a full trash can for 5 minutes without nausea.

All of the previous statements are reasons to get a spy camera! The trash can aspect is just a positioning thing. It’s a place where you can put your camera, without worries of someone discovering it.

Everything You Can Gain From a Trash Can Spy Camera.

There are 3 main reasons to get yourself spy equipment…

  1. Surveillance.
  2. Surprises
  3. Fact Checks.

The 1st one is obvious. It’s a matter of security. You could be living in a place riddled with crime and troublesome folks. You’ll need a spy camera for night scares if that is your situation.

Let’s assume that some is robbing your house while you’re in bed. A spy camera helps you track the situation from afar. You don’t have to interact with the strangers or play guessing games with the intruders. It gives you a preparation advantage. Consider it your third eye.

Now sometimes, you will find yourself confronting intruders. Your situation might turn dangerous. You might end up in an armed conflict. Your life may be at risk. Having a spy camera on hand allows you to know where to hide and call the police.

A trash can is the last place a criminal looks at when intruding territory. They’re after the expensive items after all. Criminals gain nothing by looking into a trash can.

The 2nd reason is to do pranks. Spy cameras give you an edge when you’re trying to surprise someone. Let’s say you’re setting up a surprise birthday for a family member. With a trash can camera, you’ll know when to expect them. You’ll see them walking up to the celebration room. You’ll see them walking into your house for a surprise “happy birthday!”

Surprises don’t have to be angelic though. You could be surprising someone as a prank. You can play peek-a-boo game or a scare game with a spy camera. Trolling with a spy camera is an expensive hobby, but a fun one at that.

Peek-a-boo surprises are just the start of spy camera use. You can use your spy camera to set up hilarious social situations to troll your friends. You can organize a fake troll date for your friend. It’s all about making your friends panic.

It’s especially fun if your troll targets don’t know where the cameras are. You can monetize an idea like that into a YouTube “hidden camera” show.

So yes, you can make money from trolling on spy cameras.

The 3rd reason is to do fact checks. A spy camera is perfect if you have observational habits.

For example, let’s say you want to spy on odd activity going on in your backyard. You may have speculations on the nature of that activity. It could be someone trying to troll you. It could be someone abusing your camera! It could be a simple natural phenomenon (animals mating or some odd thing….)

It would be cool if you could catch that on camera.

You can also do some “peeping tom” type of spying, but that’s a little malicious. We wouldn’t recommend that for ethical reasons.

But for proper fact-checking, you can use those for interrogations. They’re effective when you’re mediating conflicts between family and friends. You can use a trash spy cam to catch statements, solving misunderstandings.

But a Trash Can of All Places?

Where else do you want to put your camera? The rooftop? Or are you going to place it next to the TV?

Trash cans are the last places people look at when seeking hidden cameras. When you think of a spy camera, you’re usually imagining an object watching you from above. If your spy targets ever suspects that you’re spying, be sure that they’ll never look in the trash.

Of course the elevation is lower with a bin, but you can hide a camera well there. All you’ve got to do is adjust the angle of the camera a bit to get maximum vision.

Another aspect of trash cans is maneuverability. You can move a trash can around, but you can’t move around a shelf as easily. Or a TV for that matter.

After all, you’re not placing the trash can on top of a furniture item. You don’t need a “TV” table for trash can. They also don’t take up much space, and are good to go in corners.

You can get the best view out of a camera from the corners.

Finally, spy cameras are small in size by nature. If you’re trying to install a spy camera outside of your home, you can do so at a trash can. This is regardless of distance. If you’re trying to spy on an area in a city out of home, then why not go for the trash cans lying around?

Again, no one’s going to look there for a camera.


In this phase, we’re going to give you a simple tips to set-up a spy camera. It’s not a complex process, and it won’t take much time. In fact, if you do it right, your camera will be impossible to detect!

  1. Trash can (assuming you already have one)
  2. Duct tape
  3. Mini spy camera

3.1. Choice 1

3.2. Choice 2

I have mentioned two spy cameras above for 1 reason. Your trash can matters a lot in your camera choice.

You may have a trash can that is see-through one. For that, we recommend you go with the second camera, since it’s smaller than the first.

Note: If you have a garbage can that is fully packed, you can use the second camera. Just layout the wire to camouflage it as garbage.

A better choice would be to adapt your trash can for the camera. We also recommend you get a small trash can for this. This is for both cost and adaptability reasons.

You can’t naturally put a large trash can in your home without arousing suspicion. If you’re going to use spy cameras at home, install them on knee-sized bins. As for cost, trash cans are cheaper than cameras. If you already have a spy camera, adapt your trash can choice to that.

Now, after getting the items, you’ll need to drag the trash can into your house for some secret work. Start thinking about what’s the best place to place the camera. The best one is usually inside the trash can and just the camera facing outside. Regardless, this depends on what type of outdoor trash can you have.

You can also place the camera strategically, hiding it behind the trash can. It’s going to be a lot less obvious. No one’s going to notice a camera behind a trash can, but a lot will see a camera inside the bin itself.

You’re also risking less the dirtying of the camera. It’s a trash can, so people are going to throw stuff in there.

The camera is an electronic device after all. If someone drops a liquid in there and it leaks on the camera, then you might as well keep the camera in that bin for good…

Once you’ve decided the best place to hide your camera, just stick it with the duct tape and VOILA! You’ve got your very own trash can spy camera setup.


As a last recommendation though, make sure that you select a bin with a similar color to the camera. Or at least, get something to contain the camera in the trash can to hide it.

For example, placing on the bottom surface of the lid is useful. You can keep the lid slightly open, allowing you to see out of the trash can. It’s kind of like hiding behind a barricade and peeping with binoculars.

I’m A Little Doubtful. Isn’t All This Illegal?

Usage of spy cameras is legal In the United States in your home. You can do this even without the consent of the person you’re recording. Regardless, home spy laws don’t matter. The camera is in a bin after all, and the exciting stuff to record is out of home.

We need to understand the legality of recording with a hidden Camera in public areas.

Similar laws apply publically. It’s legal to record surveillance video in public places. You can do it in retail stores, restaurants, or business environments. It’s legal to record covert video outdoors in parks, shopping malls, and streets.

Of course, there are limits. “Reasonable expectation of privacy” laws apply to positioning the camera in public places. For example, it’s illegal to record covert video in hotel rooms, restrooms, and locker rooms. Those are all private areas.

It also depends on which state you’re living in. We recommend you do some research about the laws of your state or country.

But If All Goes Well…

Then congratulations! You can start trolling right away with your spy camera. We recommend you start right away. Don’t forget to share with us hilarious reactions you record as you annoy people!

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