Top 5 Best Android Launchers for Your Phone

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Top 5 Best Android Launchers for Your Phone
Make your phone a bit like this!

There are many of the best launchers available on android play store just type launcher in search box of play store and see how many you’ll get, however some are the best ones that are listed here on BoostAndroid. I only include those launchers that are having highest ratings, because it represents how a launcher satisfies their users need. Below is the list of Top 5 Best Android Launchers for Your Phone or you may say Best Android Launchers for Your Tablet.

Why to use launchers?
You know when I bought my new phone after sometime I was getting bored with the old built-in launcher and decided to download the free third party ones. I installed one of the launcher listed below and result for me was amazing as my phone looks so charming. After then I am using launchers till now, cause they are great and I love them personally. Most of the launchers are for free to download and it does not take too much space on your phone.

What launcher you recommend?
I don’t think I have to recommend any because the reason is everyone has its own choices. Their are many launchers that are available and people are using them some are happy with the built-in one while some are grateful for third-party ones. Everyone has there own needs and own preferences and just because of this I cannot recommend it. But if you ask what launcher are you happy with? — than I should say Nova Launcher.

Top 5 Best Android Launchers for Your Phone

1. Nova Launcher

This is my favourite one, and I currently using it, love it. Rating of 4.6 with satisfying results many useful features are available. Nova launcher gives you so much control on the overall look of your device while completely transforming your mobile screen into something you love. This is the free version, download Nova from here. Nova launcher also offers its paid version which gives you further control over the look of your phone and giving you some nice useful tools like pinch and gesture control.

2. GO Launcher EX

This is best, why? because it offers so much features, so much wallpapers, widgets, themes and many many useful addons. Now the 5th version has arrived. Its now currently rated as 4.5 in play store with many good reviews. The space it takes varies from device to device. Download and get it from here to see what it has for you.

3. Apex Launcher

Apex launcher requires 4.0+ Android OS. It works like charm, great launcher app. Optimized for both phones and tablets. Gives you the ability to change icons, skins etc. Enjoy home screen gestures ( pinch, swipe up, swipe down, double tap ). Hide icons from your drawer. Fancy transition effects and more. It has been rated 4.4 at play store. Download Apex from here.

4. Next Launcher 3D Shell Lite

Love 3D? then this is the must have app for you. It’s the most unique launcher for android, you may ask: wait what make it unique? Its 3D feature that makes it unique. Rating as 4.4 and it takes 19 MB to download. By far its the best 3D android launcher and the biggest one also as it takes more space than any other launcher in market. Download Next Launcher 3D.

5. Smart Launcher 2

You know what’s so amazing about this app? No? — It only takes 2 MB to download, astonished? :D. It has been rated as 4.4 and have some great features, possessing small size doesn’t mean it has no useful features. It’s best known for its simplicity. Light, fast launcher for android. Download it from here.

Most of the launchers go beyond the built-in jelly bean launcher as they offer some great features.

Launchers are the one of the fundamental characteristics for making your phone or tab a bit better look-wise. Choose one of the launcher you want to explore. You maybe have one already installed on your android? if so, do you like the features of your launcher you are currently using? comment me below the pros and cons of the launcher you are using and let the word out to the audience.

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