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 Looking for team building, here is what you need know:

Team building games enhances teamwork and Imagine Escape Games is here to help you.

Common goals in team building include teamwork, communication, problem –solving, creativity, and leadership. They are crucial for the success of any for any corporate.

When you think about team building, think about Imagine Escapes Games. Please follow the following procedures in terms of booking for our services.

  • Minimum players per session is eight players; the number can rise high depending on the corporate, which is considering the services.
  • In an hour the company we accommodate up 32 players
  • We split people into teams if it is larger than 8n, which will be a dividend in an even number.
  • If the group is more than 32 will need more than 2-time slots
  • In terms of rating, it involves more than 18 players.
  • Flexible scheduling times are on Tuesday and Fridays between 11 Am- 4 PM
  • Have time adjustment in terms of the regular business hours
  • Online booking should be done using one-week notice.



Every player will pay $34; this payment will cater for all the services which will be offered by the company.  In terms of the meeting space, it will be one hour for all the players.

 Team Building Questions

While undergoing the team building, you will have to answer some question which will be very crucial. The idea behind the questions is that it helps most of the players who are participating in internalizing and also helps understand the purpose of the team building

 Team Evaluation

Players will be classified according to the teams. In those teams, there will provide a proper evaluation by the various coordinators in the company.

Team evaluation will be required to ensure the meeting space of the company is done by the will of the players in the various teams.

The flexibility of the teams is essential since different corporates have different employees who become players. For instance, if the group is large, it will require to have realignment and also accommodation.

Team evaluation for the corporate is $50

Imagine Escape Games has rated five stars on Google, which indicates the company level of confidence in the market.

A good rating in the company shows that the company is offering maximum support to the corporate World.

 Various places Imagine Escape Games offer services:

  • Samantha Taylor Fitness
  • The Greater Wesley Chapel (Chamber of Commerce)
  • USAA
  • Florida Hospital
  • Amazon
  • University of South Florida (USF)
  • Metro Self Storage
  • Wells Fargo

If the employees play and work together, it would contribute to the success of the company in the long run.

In the organization, we have different employees in the company, but if we lack teamwork, it will delay the progress of the company.

Imagine Escape Games is available on the various page

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Growth of the companies is determined by the level of the commitment which the company has in terms of embracing the teamwork.

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