Read Books Online on Android: Free Stories, Public Domain & Magazines

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Read Books Online on Android: Free Stories, Public Domain & Magazines
Do you want to read free books, stories & magazines?

Books are the great way to learn, explore new things. Their are many android apps that gives you the opportunity to read public domain books ( free books ) online and, paid books with free samples. Reading books not only good for your brain but also for your overall mental health as they exercise the brain by logical thinking, imagination, creativity etc. I am going to show you how some apps can be downloaded to read free and paid books all in one place. You can also listen to books on the go.

You may also like, apps for android that make your research easy. Read on to find out how you can read books online on android.

Read Books Online on Android: Free Stories, Public Domain & Magazines

1. Free Books & Stories – Wattpad

Read over 20 million free ebooks and stories right in your mobile phone. Join writers community and be a member with-in the app. Add stories you love to your personal library. Get notifications whenever a new chapter is added. Follow your favourite writers to know what they are up to. Explore the books you like in manageable categories like romance, science fiction, fantasy, humour, paranormal etc. Cool and nice interface with a rating of 4.5 at the time of my writing. This is a must have app for book and story lover.

2. Aldiko Book Reader

10,000,000+ downloads from over 200 countries. Aldiko supports EPUB, PDF as well as Adobe DRM encrypted ebooks. Controlling options like setting typography, line spacing, changing backgrounds, night time reading, brightness with an engaging interface. It also remembers the position from where you left off. Built in dictionary. Aldiko also offers free ebooks from very popular authors like Shakespeare, mark twain etc. Buy ebooks directly within the aldiko app.

3. Scribd – Read Unlimited Books

Scribd users are well over 80 million. It has an app for both iPhone and android. You can highlight text, take notes during the read. Swipe left, right to read books content. Login with Facebook to save your bookmarks. Scribd offers a read unlimited books for $8.99 per month. You can also start a free first month trial. Add your favorite books into built-in Scribd library. Change the appearance of text by setting size and font style plus, night mode option. You can only preview the books, if you are not subscribing yet with two subscription choices ( 1st month free / $8.99 per month ). A first few chapters are available for preview. This app also includes powerful options like read offline and in-book search.

4. FBReader

It’s a full screen reader for your android. It has a clean interface with a nice little page turnover animation. This app offers plugins like TTS+ ( read aloud ) which can be very helpful. It offers options with almost every element of the book page including images, dictionary, page turning, progress bar indicator, margins, colors, text, wallpapers etc. With this app you can also read free ebooks by following these steps.

  • Open up FBReader
  • Tap back button
  • Tap on open network library
  • Search or download to read

Million of books are waiting for you, including free ones. Read online or offline with elegant page turns. You can also listen to your books with an Google app called text-to-speech. There are many controlling options and features like typography settings, day, night and sepia reading modes to prevent eye damaging, dictionary and most of all Wikipedia is directly integrated with-in the app. You can also read free previews from every book.

It’s a app with a super powerful interface. The good part is, it not only offers books but magazines also including infographics. Nook has over 1 million free books,  and over 2 million paid ones. Read free samples of paid books to get the sneak peek of the quality content. Read anytime, anywhere without worrying about hackers because, it’s TRUSTe integrated.

7. Kobo

Install Kobo app for free and download over 3.5 million free and affordable ebooks, magazines, comics and children’s books. Kobo has a nice and simple interface. It also shows you how much you have read a book, and continue where ever you left off. Features like night, day, portrait, landscape with a crisp and clear text to read. Read in languages other than English like, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Japanese, Brazilian, Portuguese and Spanish.

You don’t have to own a kindle device, it can work with android. Kindle provides millions of books for readers to download and read including free ones. Read with powerful integrations like Google, Wikipedia and a Built-In Dictionary for an amazing read. Preview free samples before buying. Many options to choose from. Currently it has a rating of 4.1 in play store at the time of my writing. – Read eBooks using the FREE Kindle Reading App on Most Devices

Wrap Up

There you go! Download these free apps and explore the amazing features they have to offer. Don’t forget to comment me below because comments are helpful for others just like you. Enjoy!

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