Meaning of Shocker Stickers

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Shocker Sticker on Car

Shocker are the stickers that people sticks on their cars. It’s a secret it’s a sign that most of us don’t know about. Many people ask this question again and again on the internet so I decided to write a short but informational post that gives answer to this question:

Can anyone explain a shocker sticker on the car?

So there are many misconception regarding shocker stickers some think it’s a band sign or a racers clan etc. But it’s something very different of what we think of.

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The shocker, also known colloquially, is a hand sign with a sexual connotation.The ring finger and thumb are curled or bent making an O just like this:

Shocker Hand Gesture

and the remaining fingers are extended. The index and middle fingers are kept together touching each other while little finger held on it’s own.

The shocker refers to the act of putting the index and middle fingers into a vagina and the little finger into the partners anus, thus the “shock”. Public usage of the gesture has been noted in the media, and in some instances had negative results for the perpetrators. Like in this picture president Bush using this hand gesture. 

President Bush Shocker Sign

This word is used so many times in this VIXX – Secret Night song.

Now you might ask I honestly don’t get it. I get what the “shocker” is but I don’t understand why would you want to put it on your car?

Most people say it’s the virgin sign. Hence guys use it on their cars to get laid with girls and let them know they are virgins.

Shocker sign literally means two in the pink, one in the stink.

It is also a way to let other guys know “Hey I’m totally the man with the chicks. No seriously I’m in to chicks.”

But what I don’t get is why people do it? To say hey I do that to my women.

Maybe. Some for the JDM fad, some for the sexual pun, and others get it because their friends have it. If you ask them what this sticker means half of them will unable to answer. This is a good sign that you can use it too since nobody knows about it. LOL. 

Shocker stickers are really just a trendy thing now a days

Interesting observation.

The sign that you just seen above is not the real shocker sign. The original shocker sign is this:

Original Shocker Gesture

This means inserting the whole fist into the vagina without caring about the stinky part. Original sign is not so popular and is not used often.

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