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Ivory Carrom Striker: Product Options and More

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Ivory carrom striker is the type of carrom board striker which is made with the natural substance that is the elephant teeth.

The teeth’s of an elephant is widely known as tusks.

In this post, we are going to talk about this natural thing and where we can get this ivory carrom striker from both online and offline stores.

So let’s get started!

2 Product Recommendations

Here are the 2 options which you can get from the online stores and those are:

Precise KD Carrom Striker Tournament Grade Board Accessory Genuine Ivory Ball Acrylic Striker Approved & Recognised in Carrom Federation of India, International Carrom Federation

Precise is a very well-known brand in the space of carrom board so this product is definitely worth it:


Carrom Tournament Striker- Man Made Ivory- Pack of 2Pc (Ass. Colours)

SIPL is not a very well-known brand but, still they do produce ivory carrom strikers. This is a set of 2 having black and red colors and each one of them has a different design as well.


Why It’s Better?

Ivory in the carrom striker is better for a few reasons:

Natural source

As you know by now that ivory is a natural material coming right from the animal’s tusks and teeth’s.

Now, one thing you should know about ivory is that people think that:

Ivory = elephant tusk

When it’s not simply true.

Ivory is extracted from other animals as well and they are:

  • Mammoth
  • Walrus
  • Narwhal
  • Hippopotamus
  • Killer whale
  • Sperm whale
  • Warthog

However, the best possible ivory available to human kind is the ivory of elephant indeed.

Hard material

Ivory material is reliable especially for carrom striker because while playing, a lot of players drop it on the floor although this doesn’t break the sticker (regardless of any type) that easy but, a few reports states that sometimes the carrom strikers do break because of the dropping.

But, there is no report saying that ivory carrom striker has ever been broke.

That’s why top-notch players always prefer to play with the ivory carrom striker because it’s pretty tough and almost non-breakable when they drop on the floor.


Many people try to avoid the ivory stickers saying it’s a part of an animal. But, the ivory is extracted only from the animals which are not in a living condition.

So, it’s not like sellers of these type of strikers are doing any harm to animals and extracting the ivory via animal abuse.

It’s only extracted from the animals in which the soul doesn’t exist anymore.

Ivory Carrom Striker Price

You might have already seen what price you’ve to pay in order to get one of these strikers.

But for your convenience here’s what you should pay:

You should consider anywhere between $6 to $20 USD for a single ivory striker.

This cost doesn’t apply the shipping.

Any Offline Options?

Absolutely, if you’re luckily living the countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh or any, where the carrom board game is popular enough and people do play this indoor game quite occasionally (which is usually in the Asian side of countries).

Then, yes you can definitely get it pretty easily from you local market.

However, in the case of countries which don’t fall under the Asian side, then, I’ll suggest you to buy it from the best possible option that’s available online.

You can consider the options I’ve listed above.

Wrapping It Up

Ivory carrom striker is an amazing tool to play with.

As it feels just right, right from the beginning from the moment you start playing with it.

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