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Install a Hidden Camera to Check on Contractors Working in Your Home!

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We live in times where people are too busy to do domestic chores. Whether it be cleaning, cooking, repairs and remodels, a lot of people today prefer to pay contract workers, in order to help them out. This may even extend as far as nanny services for young children.

Regardless of who you choose to contract, you may feel somewhat insecure about leaving your home, along with all your valuables there, in the care of a contractor. You may be feeling insecure about the personalities of the people doing the job for you, and the consequences of not keeping them on watch.

In such cases, getting a hidden camera at home is highly recommended.

Availability for watching contract workers.

Contracting a worker usually means that you lack the skills to do the job, or you lack the time. Usually it’s a lack of time, which means that you won’t be available to watch over. This is where the use of a camera can kick in.

There are many reasons to install a camera and watch over workers, which may be related to a variety of suspicions. Those would include…

  • Watching their productivity rates.
  • Watching any abuses done around your home.
  • Watching the number and type of personnel who access the home.
  • Or if a problem occurs, you may properly diagnose who is responsible.

Watching over productivity rates is obvious. You may be hiring a contractor who is not doing a solid job, and you may want to see how they spend their time. They could be wasting it on fruitless activities, such as texting, surfing the internet, or just lying on the couch doing nothing.

Abuses may include anything from theft and sabotaging, to even abuse of other people in those homes (child abuse). Home access issues may mean that unauthorized people are invited in your home. An example would be inviting people in your home who may not be related to your job. Maybe your kid’s nanny is inviting her friends over for some card games, without your authorization…

Problems happening around may include ruin of decoration, or destruction of equipment and items around your home. Let’s say you invited over someone to remodel your home, and they broke an expensive vase. They may have cleaned it up, threw it out, and then pretended that they didn’t know anything about it.

In all of the previous cases, a camera will help you diagnose the sources of your troubles.

Notes about installing your cameras.

Don’t install them in obvious locations, like the roof corners of the living room. We recommend you hide your device in a location such as behind plants, within your bookshelves, or maybe even close to the TV. Such locations will never be checked for cameras, assuming of course that the contractor suspects the existence of them.

Also, make sure that you get more than one camera, for more than one room. One camera after all, is not going to suffice when keeping an eye on contractors!

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