How to Select a Good Carrom Board (4 Ways)

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Selecting a good carrom board is an art. It is an art you must learn if you are an avid player.

I have discussed about 3 methods that you can use to find if the carrom that you are going to get is defect free.

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1. Brands

When searching for the good carrom boards you cannot overlook the brands.

Carrom Board Brands

Brands gives you the information about how their image is perceived in the market throughout the world.

There are a lot of carrom brands out there and most of them just focus on producing carrom boards and carrom boards related products like striker, powder, coins etc.

Relying on branded carrom boards is so important that I even just published a new article about best carrom board brands in the world.

The best place to get an idea about a particular brand is Amazon. Just search the brand that you need to research on. The buyer reviews will give you so much details about the pros and cons that you could easily make the decision by yourself.

Also, if you are very passionate about playing carrom board than you must not skip this part. As most of the championships and tournaments are played on branded boards.

They will significantly help you in the tournaments if you ever take part in them.

In contrary, if you just focus on normal local carrom boards (non-branded ones) you could be able to find the good one but, the chances are low. Plus, you can’t regret as you know you are the one who make this decision.

2. Pockets

Even though we focused so much on branded boards that does not mean those are 100% perfect.

Carrom Board Pockets

What I mean is that there are some boards that are defected in some ways. Even though the machines are all automated and we think “there is always a 0% chance for the error to happen” which is simply not true.

Machine errors does happen, though not as frequent as the human errors but, still their is a chance for the machine to produce some trash.

Also, most of the carrom companies use what’s called an hybrid-approach means, both the humans and machines work together to built a carrom board.

There are chances for the pockets to go offset during manufacturing.

And this cause an issue like:

If you strike the carrom coin hard it will shake in the pocket and comes back without scoring you the points.

This may have happened to you before. And this is the major problem that causes this issue. Though, this is not the only one that causes this issue, pocket size does matter in this case too.

3. Plywood

The carrom playing surface is the most important thing in the game.

Carrom Board Plywood

Let’s imagine how much the bloats, cracks and unevenness of the board could effect your game.

Whether you are trying to get the second hand carrom board or the brand new one. This step is a must and you should always analyze the playing surface before making a purchase.

There are a few variables to consider when it comes to selecting the ply wood. You have to watch for:

  • The thickness of the ply wood
  • The type of the ply wood. Is it Indian or English birch?

But, most importantly how can you analyze the playing surface evenness?

Now, there are two methods that I use. I have already talked about one of the methods here in this post.

But, I am going to discuss here again for your convenience to check whether the board is even or not.

3.1. Use your striker to guide you.

This method is very simple and requires no additional tool. What you need to do is to flick the striker as straight lines targeting the cushion so it can bounce back from where you flicked into your hand.

Here is the quick illustration that I made for you:

How to check the carrom board playing surface

As you can see the TAIL is from where you flicked the striker and HEAD is where the strikers will go and cushion back in your hands. Now, you may ask what is the reason doing this? Quite simple. You need to see if the striker is in “mid-air”. If it is, even for a split second and even in one of your strikes out of 10, 20 or how many you choose to do then your carrom surface is uneven.

3.2. Using a calibration tool

You can use a calibration tool for the purpose of finding out this problem. Take the calibration tool and slowly slide up or down (depending on where you started) from one edge to another (the opposite). Keep on doing this until you feel you have covered the whole board.

You have to focus on two things here.

  • The calibration liquid. It can tell you where the problem lies.
  • The gap under the tool itself while you are sliding, might give you an idea where the problem is.

4. Cushion

The cushion or you might call them the edges should be smooth.


Because if you play reverse shots a lot, then this is very important.

Carrom Board Cushion

A slight slope, unevenness or rough cushion can easily break your scoring shot.

Again, for analyzing the cushion you could use these two methods.

4.1. Using index finger.

Place your index finger slightly above (just enough so your finger should not go under the pocket) one of the carrom corners and slowly move your finger along with the cushion until your finger is where you started from.

The key thing to notice here is if you feel unevenness, slope (hard thing for sure) or roughness.

4.2. Use your striker to guide you (REPEATED).

Yes, you can use this same method to see if the cushion is in good condition or not.

If you strike straight, the striker should come straight to your hands. If it is even a bit off-the-line you can easily tell that the cushion is not in a good condition.


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