How To Make Carrom Board Smooth

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How To Make Carrom Board Smooth

In this post, I am going to discuss about how you can make your carrom board smooth by applying a few strategies listed down below.

So, without further ado let’s get started.

1. Polishing your carrom striker

The very first rule you should apply is to polish your carrom striker.

Don’t let this simple rule pull you off.

This is indeed really important step to take and will surely improve your game significantly.

Read about carrom board powder.

The point of polishing the striker is to make it smooth on the playing surface.

I have a very detailed step-by-step guide on polishing your carrom striker the right way.

When you feel that you need to flick the striker hard because of the friction then this is the very first step you should take.

2. Apply silicone spray on the playing surface

The next step is to tackle for the roughness of your carrom board.

Silicone is perfect ingredient that you can apply on your carrom board playing surface to fight for the roughness.

What it does is creates a thin film on the board so if there is any inconsistency roughness on the board will be resolved and make the playing surface much smoother.

You should definitely consider applying silicone spray at least a few times a month for better results.

Silicone spray are really easy to find. In fact, you may already have one at your home.

Ever heard of WD-40? It is one of them.

Buy silicone spray from Amazon.

3. Making an old carrom board smooth

Making an old carrom board smooth is not the same as smoothing the new one.

You have to see the signs of termites especially when it’s been so long since you last played.

And that’s not all, you also have to see if your carrom board is getting bloated. In which case, you might have to consider replacing the board completely or changing the playing surface.

Maybe you have just gotten the holidays and there is nothing much you could do. Suddenly, you remember about your old carrom board sticking with the wall behind your cupboard. Now, in this case it is the best idea to smoothen the surface of your board before playing it with your family or friends.

As you might have guessed playing with your old carrom board without smoothening the surface is like trying to run a marathon with one leg.

The process of smoothening the old carrom board surface is in fact the same as smoothening the new one with an exception of:

  • Signs of the termites
  • Bloated ply wood

4. Keeping your carrom board smooth always

The only way to keep your carrom board smooth always is to maintain it even if you are not playing with it.

Be sure to do a full service of your board at least once a month.

Apply silicone spray on the surface, on striker or even on the carrom coins if you are extra cautious.

Pro Tip: The winter is a very dry season. If you wish to skip the whole winter season without playing the carrom board for some reasons, you might have to consider applying petroleum jelly on the surface as well as on the edges of the board. This will allow your board to not get rough as the time pass by.

You have to keep a good care of your board even if you are not playing. Why you bought it in the first place? Just to throw it in a trash one day? It is a very good practice to maintain your board as you will play with it one day on maybe a special occasion when the cousins or friends gather at your home.

One more thing, be sure to cover your carrom board so it does not attract dust.

Buy petroleum jelly on Amazon.

5. You just bought a new carrom board but, it is not smooth?

One thing to really appreciate is that your board is not bloated and have no signs of termites. As you just bought the new carrom board after all.

Obviously, you can’t really test the carrom board by playing in the shop. You can just use your senses to make sure it’s of good quality and have a really good feel.

You just buy the carrom board on the basis of what you see and what you feel.

But, your intuition might go wrong when you actually start to play. “This is not what I thought it would be” you might say. Since the only way to make sure the board is good is to practically play with it.

Well, there is nothing to worry much, as long as you have the silicone spray with you. It is indeed by far the best all-in-one tool you can use on your carrom board playing surface.

One of the reasons the new carrom board is not smooth might be because it was manufactured way back and was eating dust in the shop as none of the customers really showing interest in it.

6. Keeping your carrom board smooth without powder

You might get to know the real dangers of using boric powder somehow. And you start to think “Is there any way to keep the playing surface smooth without using the powder?”.

Well, there is a way, just like every problem have a solution, in fact, multiple solutions you can easily cope with this problem too.

You have two options. If you are really concerned about the dangers of using boric powder than there are multiple other powders to choose from. I wrote a detailed post a few days back about the carrom board powders that you can read here.

If you’re just trying to really avoid any type of powders because it feels irritating on the fingers or for some other reasons, you can just use silicone spray and you are good to go.

One thing to keep in mind is that you might not have a good experience playing carrom board with the powder. Powder is a must. That is why it comes with the carrom board when you buy.

The very good option for you if you really want to skip the powder is to use whats called “dancing powder”. It will not irritate on your fingers no matter what. I have already discussed about the dancing powder in my carrom board powders guide.

Wrapping it up

Silicone spray does have some magical powers especially when you apply on your carrom board playing surface.

Got a new technique? Share with us in the comment section down below. I will highly appreciate that.

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