How to Customize LG G3 Built-in Icon Pack

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Usually we need to rely on third party icon packs to customize the look and feel of built-in icons. Some apps provide a strong selection of app icons, while others limit the variety to a trivial offering. LG G3 has a feature which allows you to customize application icons without having to download third party applications. You can change the LG G3 app icons to your own photos or to match a theme you are using that makes it even more interesting. Icon size can also be adjusted to make it bigger or smaller.

How to Customize LG G3 Built-in Icon Pack

How to Customize LG G3 Built-in Icon Pack

Here are the easy to follow steps that let you do just that:

1. Long-press on an app until it is ready to move, a purple paintbrush icon will appear.

2. Lift up your finger and tap on the paintbrush to launch the icon edit.  

3. Select one of the built-in alternative icons, or import one of your own. You can able to take a picture or use a file saved to your phone gallery.  

That’s it enjoy your new icons =)

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