How Konsear Can Help Small Businesses

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How Konsear Can Help Small Businesses

Konsear is a new buzz for business owners, travelers, and tourists. But if you’re still quite new to the world of Konsear, find out how it can be a platform that can open up new opportunities to grow your business even more. It’s a platform app and website where customers can discover amazing products and services not only from local businesses but also from national chains and online merchants.

Do you own a Restaurant, Bar, Hotel, Store, Rent a Car, Real Estate, Bank, Gym or Beauty Salon? Yes. Then Konsear can be your best friend.

Let’s take a deep look how it can help grow your business that will take you to the next level.


Konsear connects you with your targeted customers who are looking for your products and services. It’s an extremely valuable resource where businesses can meet targeted customers. Thus resulting in more sales and revenues. The Konsear mobile app is a powerful marketing solution for all business sizes especially best suited for small companies: targeting the business travelers, tourists and locals alike. Konsear’s personal concierge service matches user interests to “offers” from businesses in the food, entertainment, leisure, consumer goods and services sectors along with cultural, educational, and religious institutions. Offers range from booking a ride to the airport, finding best hotels to stay and even find a perfect spot for dinner at discount prices. 

FACT: Do you know that 75% percent of Smartphone owners travel to new cities and locations, business trips and on family vacations at least 2X a year? But the problem is they cannot easily find the services they needed this is where we can help enhance your business sales meanwhile helping these people enjoy their travel.

We have currently 20 categories to choose from and still growing as the time passes:

1. Restaurants
2. Nightlife
3. Wine Stores
4. Shopping
5. Health & Medical
6. Beauty & Spas
7. Home Services
8. Local Services
9. Event Planning & Services
10. Arts & Entertainment
11. Active Life
12. Automotive
13. Education
14. Real Estate
15. Pets
16. Financial Services
17. Public Services & Government
18. Mass Media
19. Religious Services
20. Bars



Using our service gets you new customers from your chosen region. Konsear sends their customers to your door and giving you the ultimate chance to strengthen the relationship with them. Konsear notifies them with eye-catchy discounted deals that immediately grabs the customer’s eye and let them know how your services can better serve them.


And this is the supreme power of Konsear, it boosts awareness about your business. Konsear does what a superhero cannot. It markets directly to your audience. 


Imagine that you’ve given an excellent service much more than they expected. Then what happens? They start telling others about your services thus promoting your services resulting in more revenue and sales and built more trust among your customers. Konsear even helps you grow by giving customers a built-in feature of social platform where they can share about your business on Facebook and Twitter to let the world knows about you.


Essentially Konsear offers 4 types of services for publishers. Starter is one of them and it’s completely free. Unsure about how Konsear works? Take a test drive and taste the charm of it. Download it and start using right away. Other premium accounts can help you reach out quickly, easily and wherever you want.

5.    24/7 SERVICE

It’s easy to manage your offers and deals on the go, from any device you like. Has something in your mind that attracts users? Immediately create an offer and help connect with your customers. Tourists and business travelers are more willing to spend money on exploring local culture, help them by offering deals they would love.


We currently support 50 states from all around the globe. Reach the service subscribers by directly offering them deals based on their current location and their preferences.


We respond to emails within a day to assist you on any type of questions you may have. Feel free to ask even if the question seems so obvious.


We’re extremely flexible with our change of plans. You can upgrade to our ultimate packages at anytime, anywhere even on the go with our free mobile app.

Now it’s time to partner with us and implement the most effective and powerful marketing solution around!

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