Champions Carrom Board: 14 Tips To Choose A Perfect One

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Most people really don’t consider certain things before buying a carrom board.

They usually go online while having a certain budget in hand compare a few items they found online and order the one they like the most.

I am happy that you aren’t one of them. Because you care about. And that’s why you’re here to know the secret behind finding a perfect champions carrom board.

Precise elegant champion carrom board which is about 20mm is the best carrom board especially in tournaments.

Synco has their own version of “champion carrom board” as well. But, the mostly used is of Precise.

In this post I am gonna show you what the best champion carrom board should look like.

The structure, the weight, the look and feel. We’ll both gonna cover all of them.

Since, we are covering champions carrom board their should be standards involved too.

So, I added standard under each heading so you can improve your gameplay when you take part in championships and tournaments.

Let’s start!

1. Playing Surface Material

Carrom Playing Surface

The oldest carrom board which is located in Patiala, India have been recorded to have the glass surface.

This is not a standard though the modern carrom comes with the plywood as the playing surface.

And this is what you should opt for as this is the part of the standards and used in tournaments and championships.

Though, you can have any type of wood as a playing surface but, it should be of equal smoothness as the standard plywood.

Read the official laws of carrom here for more information.

2. Carrommen Material

One of the interesting material that I had most fun with at home is made up of marble.

It’s smooth, slips well on the surface because of a bit more weight than the wooden one.

But sadly, marble ones aren’t the part of the standards. So, you should focus on the wooden ones instead.

But, make sure they are of good quality, smooth and even on both sides.

3. Thickness of the Plywood

I have thoroughly covered about the thickness of the plywood previously on this blog.

And that should be equally applicable as the standards too. But keep in mind while choosing the thickness you can’t go less than 8mm.

4. Champion Board Carrom Size

When it comes to thickness of the champion carrom board you have many options to choose from 12mm, 20mm, 24mm, 28mm and 32mm both in Precise brand and Synco.

However, when it comes to the size of the champion carrom board because they’ve a set criteria for championships thus, they are standard in size which means a playing surface of 29 x 29 inches.

5. Even, Smooth and No Cracks Surface

You maybe looking for a used carrom or perhaps one of your friend is selling it to you.

Make sure the playing surface is not uneven, don’t have cracks and is not rough (having big pores here and there).

Pay close attention to the corners too. Termites loves wood.

Termites Loves Wood

Also, make sure the board matches all the standard criteria that we have covered so far and the ones that yet to come.

6. Holes (I mean carrom holes)

The holes of the carrom should be of 4.45cm in diameters inwardly.

I wish they made the holes as big as Pitchnut and Pichenotte so it will be easier to play carrom while not even thinking about where the coins might go after striking.

Just strike and you may score something.

7. Is Boric Acid Safe?

Carrom Board Boric Acid

Well there is no standard powder of the carrom. The best approach is to go for the highest quality powder available in the market.

But keep in mind the most common powder used in carrom is boric acid which is dangerous and use to kill insects.

Though, this is one of the most common powders used especially in Pakistan and India because of the lack of awareness of its toxicity.

Apparently, in European countries they predominantly use Potato or similar vegetable starch.

One of the well known and better quality carrom powder available in the market is produced by MESPI.

8. Choosing The Best Slippery

Disco powder or sometimes known as the slippery powder isn’t the part of the standards.

If you want to play carrom tournaments. I’ll suggest you to practise without it.

But, I’ll definitely recommend if you just want to play at home for fun with your friends or kids perhaps.

The only reason the disco powder is not recommended as the standards is because it’s grainy and damages the playing surface. But, playing after one to two weeks gap doesn’t effects the surface much.

9. Pocket Mechanism

The pocket mechanism of your carrom should be smooth enough so when you remove your scored coin out of the pocket it will be hassle-free and much quicker.

10. Light Weight

Before buying a new carrom one of my criterion is to get the moderate weight carrom.

That way it will be easier for me to transfer it from one location to another if I wanted to.

There is no standard set for what the carrom weight should be but going for the moderate weight you should be in a good shape.

11. Dimensions

Carrom Board Dimensions
By – DIY Carrom Board (

The standardized size of the carrom board playing surface is 29 inches internally (the playing surface).

12. Look and Feel

I don’t compromise with this one.

What would be the benefit of playing the carrom when you when you really don’t get the charm of it.

The finishing and polish of your carrom should be perfect or at least near to perfect.

Make sure your carrom is not dancy. It would probably ruin your game especially when you need to cover the carrommen in order to score the queen.

13. Central Design

Carrom Board Central Design

Well, this is a personal preference and usually does not matter at all. At least for me.

I don’t care if the central figure is mandala, star or celestial. I like all of em.

14. Striker

Carrom Striker

Just like most parts of the carrom is standardized.

Striker is too. Since it’s one of the most important parts of the carrom. Without it you can’t play it.

The striker should be smooth on both sides and round in shape. The diameter of it should not exceed 4.13 cm and the weight should be no more than 15 gm.

It’s permissible for the striker to have engraved designs and metal should not be used as the coating for the striker or as a material as a whole.


So, here you go.

13 tips that you should focus on to become a champion, an expert or whatever you call it, a guru maybe. These tips will help you to improve your game while keeping the standards in mind.

Do you have additional tips to share? Let me know in the comment section down below.

There are a lot of other brand that produces champion boards one of them is Surco as well. And Siscaa has there own version of it named as “champion fighter”.

You can easily get any of them from Amazon and Flipkart.

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