Carrom Board Points

Carrom Board Points: 4 Types To Know About

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Carrom is a vastly played game all across Asia and other parts of the world and for example Europe.

It’s a much like a snooker game but, in 2D dimension.

The carrom board points are really important to understand before you even start playing the game.

Though, there are several point rules and really vary a lot country by country and if you’re playing for fun or real championships happening in your town.

Leg’s begin and understand the rules and scoring points carrom board has to offer.

Note: I’ve broken down both the casual and professional pointing systems so you can skip directly to the headings that deem fit to you. I’ve mentioned 2 professional carrom board points and 2 casual (family) pointing system below.

Vastly Played In Pakistan and India In House (Casual)

Here’s how the carrom board points work in Pakistan and India especially which both are obviously a land of carrom players you can say that way. Here’s the popular point structure:

  • Black – 10 points
  • White – 20 points
  • Red – 100 points

This is what the most people play carrom board with in Asia. These are the exact points they consider when playing the carrom game. But, as said there are other kinds of carrom points as well which I’m going to discuss below.

But, one thing you need to know is that this pointing system is a family version of the carrom board and can work even if there are odd number of players playing the game. Because you may have already experienced this thing yourself in family, you usually play the carrom with at least 4 people or 3 sometimes but, this carrom point system will work properly even in those situations.

Internationally Played Version (Professional)

In this type of carrom board one of the player have to strike the carrom striker to see which one of the carrommen he pockets. If it’s white he has to score whites in order to win the game. If it’s black he should pocket all the black carrom men to complete and win the game.

In this version of the carrom board, points are as follows:

  • Black – 1 point
  • White – 1 point
  • Red – 5 points

So each game have just 14 points to score, 9 for the  white or black carrom men and 5 points is for queen (red coin) which is necessary to score in order to win the game.

But in this game specifically, both the players have to play the game twice before someone can be considered as a winner. And the reason behind is because the set target score is 29 points one that reaches that score wins the match and/or tournament.

If the winner of the first match has less than or equal to 24 points than he can cover the queen in order to score a total of 29 points like 24 + 5 = 29.

But, if he has more than 24 points than if he covers the red coin no points will be credited in to his final score because according to the rule, you can’t score more than 29 points.

So for example, if the player has 25 points and he cover a queen thinking he might win by scoring 30 points than he’s on a loser side actually unless, there is a foul caused by the opponent person.

Another Point Structure (Professional)

Much like the previous point’s structure, but this one follows the scoring structure like this:

  • Black – 1 point
  • White – 1 point
  • Red – 3 points

So the whole game becomes a total of 12 points instead of 14 points. This version of the game is also played professionally. All the other rules are similar to the above mentioned pointing system.

Family Version 2 (Casual)

In this version of the family pointing system the only difference is with the queen and everything remains the same.

  • Black – 10 points
  • White – 20 points
  • Red – 50 points

But, one difference here is you have to pocket another carrom men in order to score the queen otherwise the queen will be placed again on the board and the game will continue as usual without the player credited with the score.

How Many Black And White Coins in Carrom?

The coin break down in the carrom board is 19 in total. Black covers 9 coins while the white covers 9 coins as well and there is a final one left which is queen.

So the total coins in the carrom board is 19, with black and white combined and each one of them have 9 coins respectively.

In A Nutshell

Every carrom board points are different and you have to follow the same rules wherever you’re playing the game. In some places, in order to score for the queen even if you’ve already pocketed it, you must also pocket another carrom men for the points of the queen added to your final score.

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