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Carrom Board Light: Which Lamp Shade Stand To Pick?

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The light on top of the carrom is called carrom board light. This is sometimes essential especially in night tournaments.

This gives an exposure to the whole carrom board so you can see even the slightest depth of the board and make your shorts accordingly.

In this post, I’m going to talk about which carrom light shades to pick and why. So let’s begin.

What You Need To Know About Carrom Lamp Lights?

The carrom lamp shade is fitted / hung at a perfect height above the carrom board. The benefit of the carrom lamp shade is that light fall evenly on all sides of playing surface giving the player an opportunity to select a perfect shot based on the powder that’s on the carrom men way.

A few points to keep in mind:

  1. Bulb heat from carrom lamp shade helps to get rid of moisture from the carrom playing surface. But light should not exceed 100 watts as more heat can leave slight burning marks on the playing surface in future.
  2. The distance between lamp shade and carrom height can be changed at players request in such a way that exposed eye shall not strikes in players eye and it should be lowest at least two feet and above.
  3. After the use, carrom light should be switch off to increase life of carrom board and avoid any unwanted damage.
  4. The rules do not seem to explicitly state or imply that a light is mandatory.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Carrom Board Light?

It is a best practice to hang a light source above the carrom board, and they do have it in all official carrom tournaments. It provides the following benefits:

  1. Sometimes it gets hard to distinguish between some truly white and old black carrommen since the black ones tend to fade with time and also emerge lighter when they have some powder on them. The light makes sure that they can easily distinguish at a quick glance.
  2. The light makes it simpler for the players and the referee to recognize fouls.
  3. The light make sure that both players have equal visibility and neither is at a benefit or a disadvantage due to their relative place at the board with respect to external light sources.
  4. The light casts a little shadow on the pieces that are away from the hub of the board. Some players use the shadow as a way to help them aim.
  5. The light works as a heat source and stops powder from sticking to the board by removing moisture in the powder.

How to Pick the Right Lamp Stand?

In order to pick the best light lamp for your carrom board you should consider these 5 aspects:

  • Material
  • Color
  • Extension
  • Removable lights
  • Wire connections


Try to go for something that’s not metallic or any other material that’s a conductor (meaning can pass electricity). This is just to make sure that the light shade doesn’t get affected by any means through electric wires.

Go for plastic material as it doesn’t get electricity and is an insulator.


This doesn’t really matter. But, usually they come in black color.

You might have seen that already in some movies and clips. Black color on lamp looks good and doesn’t really pop up to the eye especially at night which is good for players as well. As this can’t distract them and they can focus on making perfect shots.


When getting carrom board light you have to make sure you pick the one that have extension attached to it. Meaning you can be able to easily adjust the size of it. The reason behind this is very simple. Sometimes you might be playing with a taller person who would like to decrease the size of the carrom lamp shade which would be impossible if you’ve already hung the rigid carrom light without any support of extension.

On the flip side if you’ve set up the carrom light that have an option of extension to it you can easily be able to adjust the size of the light source accordingly giving you can opportunity to fix accordingly to the board size and different matches.

Removable lights

Make sure you can easily be able to remove the light bulb when required. This is because sometimes the light can fuse and if the lamp is all packed and concealed within a glass it becomes pretty hard for you to remove and place a brand new bulb inside.

So, go for the lamp that have an option for you to quickly place the new bulb than and there.

Wire connections

Look for the wires and how they go? Do you have an option to properly place the excessive wire if they become messy? If not, do you see good wire placement and all that? Wire connections are also important as that’s an ultimate source to light up the bulb.

Here You Have It

Carrom board light can be a bit struggle to pick in the beginning but, if you have the right information it becomes way easier and you can pick the best possible solution for your specific needs.

Let me know in the comment section below if you pick the lamp shades based on different criteria not included in this article.

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