Carrom Board Coins: 7 Tips to Pick a Perfect Set (Always)

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Carrom Board Coins

The carrom board coins is one of the most important part of the game.

Without it the carrom is useless.

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Today in this post I’ll gonna talk about how you can pick a perfect set of carrom coins every time.

1. Pricing

The general rule for the pricing is the higher the quality, the higher the prices will be.

Though, it’s not always the case because it’s one of the known marketing techniques where a company reduce the prices without compromising on the quality of the product to sell more.

Go for the average price range.The cheaper you’ll go the less quality product you’ll get.

The pricing also depends on what kind of material you are about to buy.

2. Quality of the Coin

Quality is one of the major things to keep in mind before you shop for the carrom men.

The finishing of them should look good and satisfying to the eyes.

Look for the smoothness and even surfaces on both sides.

3. Manufacturers

Some manufacturers are well known into this business and some are not.

I can’t recommend certain manufacturers over others if you are buying from the local market. As every country has a grade level for their quality.

Surely, I can help you out if you’re trying to find the best carrom coins online.

The major and the best carrom coin manufacturers are:

  • Uber Games
  • Drueke
  • Carrom

You’ll be sure to get only quality with them.

Make sure you always buy carrom products from the known and reliable manufacturers.

This way you’ll always be satisfied that you’ve a reliable and quality product.

Though there are duplicates available in the market selling it for a bit cheaper or for the exact same price with the exact same name for the company to scam people.

Beware of this and use your intuition before buying. The best advice is to do a market research and compare the pricing before you buy.

It will be very easier for you to detect whether the product is fake or not based on if you have already bought the coins from the same manufacturer before.

4. See for the Reviews on Online Marketplaces

Carrom Coin Reviews

There are already at least a few dozens if not many reviews about each carrom coins product. Through which you can make a very good decision before you decide which one to go for.

The buying process will get much faster as there is a lot of information available in these reviews help you come up with the better decision.

Quick Tip: Take notes on the pros and cons on a piece of paper or your mobile phone about each product for better decision making.

5. Material

It all boils down to what kind of material you want your carrom coins should be.

The following are the major material types available in the market:

  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Marble

The standard material that you should have already know if you’ve been to this blog for quite a while.

The wood is the standard material used in the carrom.

So, if you want to play in championships and tournaments it’s preferred that you should go with the wooden material.

In contrast, if you play the carrom just for fun than you can have any material you would like. But, I’ll recommend marble as they are smooth, glossy, better quality and slides well on the surface of the carrom.

6. Look and Feel

As I have already talked about the quality of the carrom coins and that should be enough.

But, I feel like look and feel is something that you cannot express.

Maybe, you can relate to this.

In my way of thinking look and feel is a perfect combination of all the criteria we opt for when buying.

7. Coin Count

Carrom Coin Count

It would be a surprise for you if I tell you there are 2 different types of carrom coin sets available in the market.

One which comes with the 19 coins and another which comes with the 24 coins.

You might ask what’s the difference? The 19 carrom set includes:

  • 9 Black Coins
  • 9 White Coins
  • 1 Red Coin

The 24 coin set includes:

  • 11 Black Coins
  • 11 White Coins
  • 2 Red Coins

The 19 coin set is the actual standard while the 24 coin set is not.

Here you have it. A complete guide for beginners as well as for the experienced players that shows how to go about picking a perfect set of carrom coins.

Let me know if you have another criterion that you use when buying a set of carrom coins in the comment section down below.

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