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Buy Carrom Board The Right Way [2020 Updated Guide]

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A lot of times, we need to divert our minds from the tiresome routine of work and take some time to enjoy and play some games. Games help relieve stress, increase intelligence, and are a good source of spending your leisure time and what better way to spend your time than playing Carrom.

Carrom or carom is a board game and is a cue sport which is quite popular in the Asian regions. People in countries like India, Bangladesh, Siri Lanka, Pakistan, and other Arabian countries play Carrom at social events, functions, family gatherings, and as a casual game. You will be surprised to know that regular tournaments on Carrom take place in a lot of regions of South Asia.

No matter for which purpose you want to play carom, either for a tournament or as a leisure activity. First, you need the carrom board. They exist in different varieties and sizes. Listed below is a guide to help you select and purchase the best carrom boards in the market at a reasonable price.

1.   The Thickness Of The Board

The thickness of the carrom board greatly affects the game. It ensures the quality of the board, as thin boards are more likely weak and easily broken. Moreover, thin boards also have a great risk of warpage. A lot of companies sell fake boards that aren’t even made of real wood, which is why you should keenly look at the board and analyze first before purchasing. Thicker boards provide better stability and rebound.

If you want a carrom board just for fun, a board of estimated thickness of about 4mm is more than enough. 6mm boards are just as good and are even better in the sense of the strength of the board. However, if you’re aim is to either participate in a carrom tournament or hold one of your own, it is better that you purchase a carrom board that is greater than 6mm and around maximum 24mm thick.

You can find a 24mm carrom board here on Amazon. However, for most people 8mm full size carrom board is more than enough which you can find here.

A board that is bigger than 24mm would be a waste of money as it wouldn’t make much difference since finishing is the most important aspect of the board, which brings us to the next point.

2.   The Board Surface

The board is no doubt the most important part of the game. The surface of the board needs to be completely flat. Make sure the board is smooth and has great finishing since even a little roughness might greatly affect the game quality.

The thickness of the board also plays a great part in this aspect. You see, boards which are thin are less likely to provide a smooth surface, hence indicating the fact that it is better to purchase a board with greater thickness. There should be no bumps or irregularities. The carrom board should have round, and well-finished pockets and no nails or sharp edges must be present.

Another ninja tip here is the use of silicone carrom spray to smoothen the board surface. This is a must have for most people that play carrom board on a regular basis. Having a good quality carrom spray will make your board last longer. You can find a range of silicone carrom spray here.

For a full read on this subject consider this article written by me.

3.   The Substance Of The Board

While purchasing a carom board, it is better to purchase a board having a completely smooth wooden surface as compared to boards which are black painted. The reason is that wooden boards are better polished and are relatively smooth, whereas those with painted black color are mostly built out of wood, which isn’t of good quality. They are more likely to have bumps and irregular surface since low-quality surface material.

4.   Carrom Stands

While purchasing the carrom board, it is advisable to purchase a stand as well. It provides for better visual and positional advantage to the players. However, different brands have different sized carom boards and thus different sized stands, due to which it is better to purchase a stand of the same company as the board, so no compatibility issues are faced later.

Knowing that, there is an standard set for the carrom stands. So if you go for the known brands to fulfill your needs there is a great chance you’ll get the best carrom stand regardless if it’s of the same brand or not.

Some of the items are listed below:

5.   Size Of The Board

One thing to keep in mind is that the size of the board is an essential key element of the game. Good manufacturers and companies produce carrom board in various sizes to meet the requirements of the customers. As you may be familiar, that Carrom is either played in single or doubles in men’s and women’s category.

Therefore, we should prefer buying a large sized board when multiple people are willing to play. Moreover, places like school lounges and rest areas of companies it is preferred to have Carrom of a big size. However, if you want a carrom board for your family medium sized board will most likely suffice.

6.   Style Of Playing Carrom

Carrom isn’t just played in one simple style but can be played in different ways depending on the game and accessories being used in the game. A lot of modern games and styles don’t use fingers for the striker but use cue sticks to move the striker, thus not using the fingers as in traditional carrom board games. Therefore, it is advisable to know the nature of the game for which you need the board and thus purchase the best quality board accordingly.

7.   Strong Border Frame

An essential element of the board is its borders. Since carrom games involve the striker and in some cases, a lot of force might be used. This requires for a strong quality border, and smooth surface of the border frame to bear the strikes as well as provide less friction and resistance to the striker. This factor especially counts if children or amateurs intend to play Carrom as rough and harsh use of the striker is highly possible.

8.   Carrom Accessories

Most manufacturers also provide carrom strikers, carrom men, and carrom powder as well. Make sure to carefully observe the carrom striker and carrom men as they need to completely round, smooth and of exactly the same size in case of carrom men as the size of the striker are usually greater.

Moreover, make sure the carrom men are well colored and are overall smooth and polished. Here are a few carrom men options of different materials like wood, marble and crystal available on Amazon:

The carrom powder is used to make the board less resistant and reduce surface friction, thus making it easier to play. It is advisable to get all the necessary carrom accessories with the carrom board instead of buying them separately as a most manufacturer provide the accessories with the board.

Carrom cover is also an essential accessory to get. As it helps a lot from dust and other dirt particles. Moreover, it helps the board to stay in better condition. You can get it from here.

Wrapping It Up

Here you have it. A detailed guide on how you can buy carrom board on 2020. I’ll keep this guide updated month after month so you can get the best resource on this subject years to come.

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