Buy Carrom Board Second Hand: 5 Things You Need To Know

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In this post, I am going to talk about what you need to know before buying a second hand carrom board.

I talked about 5 things in total including how to find them online particularly in your area, what you need to check before making a purchase and the average cost you should expect.

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1. Finding second hand carrom board online

Thanks to the Internet and a few websites that made possible for us to get what we want just sitting at home and selecting what we need.

Finding the used carrom boards online has never been that easy.

There are always people who wants to sell there boards at some point. Maybe, they don’t need it anymore or, they are opting for the new one, granting you the opportunity to get that deal.

I recently did a post on 48 & 52 Inch Carrom Board Prices where I find a couple of deals online. I was not really focusing on finding the second hand carrom boards but, I found one that caught my attention and that’s why the idea of writing this post came to my mind.

Here is the picture of it:

Used carrom board online

This guy is from Mirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh and was selling his used carrom board online.

So, it’s not really difficult to find carrom boards online that can meet your needs. You just have to search for it. I am going a discuss a few searching techniques later in this post so you can find carrom board easily.

2. Finding second hand carrom board in local market

There is always an option for you to find the boards locally.

Carrom Board Market

You may have to spend a while going through the markets until you get the perfect set.

It is just a matter of preference. You can find carrom boards in both the online and local markets. I have talked about the pros and cons of each method later in this post so you can make a better decision shopping for yours.

Upon searching the Internet you feel like there are no deals at the moment, you can always visit your local sports market. Since, a lot of times this happens. You just could not be able to find deals in larger quantities online, not even to an amount that you can compare and decide which one is better.

A few things to consider while shopping for the second hand carrom board from local markets:

2.1. Why the person is even selling? This is important! You have to think about just why the person sold this board to this shopkeeper? What could be the reason? Is it because of the termites? Bloats? Breakages?

Woah, this is too much negative thinking. Stop it 😉

The person probably sold it because he needs some more money to buy a brand new carrom board as discussed previously.

This step will give you a good idea about the board. Since, you were so curious that you checked a lot of the things before hand. But still, I am mentioning a few problems below so you have a list in mind for your convienience.

2.2. Check for these things! Do check that the surface is even, there should be no bloats (mostly caused by water spillage), no breakages and obviously there should be no signs of termites.

3. Average second hand carrom board cost

Let’s search and calculate.

Upon searching, I found a board that a person was selling for about $50 and it was a used tournament carrom board.

Used Carrom Board

We need to find two more used carrom boards until we can just get an estimate of how much the second hand carrom board should cost.

So, here is another one I found:

Used carrom board brand new

This person is selling it for £35 and claims it is only been used just two times since bought. Not a bad price at all.

Here’s the third one:

Used championship carrom board

The person is selling it for £100.

In order to take the perfect average I am going to convert those last two prices into the US Dollars.

For the second carrom board we get:
£35 Pounds = 45.94 USD

For the third carrom board we get;
£100 Pounds = 131.25 USD

Taking the average:
( $50 + $45.94 + $131.25 ) / 3 = $75.73 USD

Here you go! Now, you can easily get an idea how much you should expect your new carrom board cost to be.

This is not perfect obviously but, a rough idea to keep in mind.

4. What to search to find them online

There are a few advanced Google search strings that you can use to find second hand carrom board deals online in your area very easily.

Searching for second hand carrom board

Although, you can just type “buy used carrom board” or buy second hand carrom board in Google and still get some decent results. But, the problem with this approach is that Google start to show you even those deals which aren’t particularly in your area.

To get the strict results specific to your area you can type this phrase:
buy used carrom board + “area”

So for example let’s say you are from Dubai, you can type:

buy used carrom board + “dubai”

Additional examples:

buy used carrom board + “chennai”
buy used carrom board + “mumbai”
buy used carrom board + “delhi”
buy used carrom board + “kolkata”
buy used carrom board + “singapore”
buy used carrom board + “pune”
buy used carrom board + “hyderabad”

This way you can only get the results from your area and than you can reach out to that person, perhaps you have already got the person’s phone number, call him, agree on the rates, and buy.

5. Internet vs local? Pros and Cons

I have wrote some major guidelines for you so you can pick and apply whatever suits you the best.

internet vs local

Internet: As you have already know, finding carrom deals online has never been that easily using those advanced Google search strings. One con though, it is not always a best method. Why? Because, there will not always be deals in your area.

Another thing is that the ads are maybe very old that the person who published it not very active on that particular website. If he doesn’t include his phone number it would be really hard for you to contact that person.

On the contrary, the benefit for you, is you don’t need to scan through the markets hence saving you the fuel, time and energy which can be spend on other things.

Local: Again, you are not sure that you will always find a used carrom board whenever you visit the market.

There is always a chance that you will find but, you can’t expect it 100%.

The benefit for you in this case is that you can properly check the carrom board and can do some negotiation which is not possible in the Internet world. Well technically, but not to the same extent as the local option can give you.

Also, you have the option to exchange numbers between the shopkeeper and you and let them know that if they have a used carrom board for sale call me and let me know. This way if you don’t find any used boards in the market you don’t have to visit the market again and again. Shopkeepers will call you and let you know. Obviously, they want to sell and make profits out of it, they will obviously call you as soon as they have one.


Here you go! Let me know if you are having trouble finding carrom boards in your area using the search strings I showed you above. If you like it share it.

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