Audiobook Apps for Android: Free Public Domain Books

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Audiobook Apps for Android: Listen to Public Domain Books for Free
Dont’ have time to read them?

Listening to heart touching audiobooks is a great deal of enjoyment. You can absorb information during work, exercise etc. No need to look at the text books anymore that sometimes bother you, just listen on the go with these apps. Audiobooks are amazing in a way that they don’t kill so much time of yours it’s just like someone is talking to us, giving some useful information. 
You can also listen to public domain books that are free to use. Today we gonna explore audiobook apps that are freely available to download on android. You can also read textbooks online on android. Are you a researcher? if so, read apps for android that make your research easy.

Audiobook Apps for Android: Listen to Public Domain Books for Free

1. Audible for Android

Audible, an amazon company let you listen to books on the go. It includes many great features like audio bookmark, sleep mode etc. You can sign-in to audible using account. After signin / signup, it gives you free samples of the books to explore. If you want to listen the whole book you have register for the Audible Listener Gold Membership for $14.95/month with first 30 days trial. Official website on the web Audible.

2. LibriVox Audio Books Free

Navigate through different chapters of the book, bookmark your favourite chapters and more. See comments from other users of the book what they think or what they want in their favourite books. See how many pages left to read in a book. There is also an option of hardcopy in LibriVox which directly send you to amazon to download hard copies of original books. Select books from different authors, genres etc. By the way all the books are freely available to listen. Official website on the web LibriVox.

3. Smart AudioBook Player

Smart audio book player is an small app under 2MB. This app is specially designed for playing audiobooks with an assumption you already have them. The first 30 days are free to use after that you have to order the full version in order to use the app. A widget is also available which you can use on home screen for direct access.

4. Free AudioBooks Search

It let you find free audiobooks which are available in public domain. Currently it supports Russian and English languages. It’s a very simple app. However the interface is not the quality one. Search by typing author name or your favourite book name. It’s somehow integrated with LibriVox. – Read eBooks using the FREE Kindle Reading App on Most Devices 

These are the apps you can download for free to listen all kind of books you like. I will add others app just like these in future. Comment me below so it may help others just like you. Thank-you.

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