Apps for Android That Make Your Research Easy

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Apps for Android That Make Your Research Easy
Are you a researcher?

Today i am to show you the apps that make your research easy on android. This is the post for those who like to research on any topic by asking questions like why, where, when, who, how and what. Books are the building blocks of research then why not read books online on android? in relation to this you can also listen to free audio books on android.

1. Pocket

Pocket can be used as a research tool. Lets say you found an interesting webpage that you like to read it later again, what will you do? bookmark? there is another option for you, pocket it. Pocket let you save your favourite webpages all in one place. But how pocket takes over bookmarking? pocketed items can be read offline however you cannot read bookmarks offline that’s the major advantage of using pocket. Officially on the web Pocket.

2. Evernote

Evernote helps you save your precious notes in one place. Is this ever happens to you that you spark an idea an important one that you have to remember in order to research, but you forget. This happens to me dozens of times, so i found an app that can help me eliminate this problem it’s Evernote. As the name implies it let you save your notes and access them forever. Officially on the web Evernote. You may also like to read 9 ways to use Evernote.

3. Wikipedia

Wikipedia is the most used website for research with an Alexa global ranking of 6, has also an app for android. Wikipedia has over 14699000+ articles in it’s database including biographies of all the famous people of the history. Research in different languages other than English like Dutch, Portuguese and dozens more. You can also save page in Wikipedia to read it later. Officially on the web Wikipedia.

4. WolframAlpha

It’s a paid app but a good one with a rating of 4.6 out of 5. Wolfram is the best app for research in different subjects like maths, physics, history, materials, engineering, earth science, life science, computational sciences, astronomy and many more. Worth spending $2.99. You can also check it for free officially on the web WorframAlpha to get an idea what it’s all about.

5. Wiki Encyclopedia Offline-Free

Have you ever seen an app that takes over 3GB on your phone? this is an app that takes approximately 3.6GB on your mobile phone. It’s a biggie app, it’s all Wikipedia in an offline mode. You don’t have to connect with the internet to access this application. Results starts to show when you start typing your query. Options like bookmark, search, font size adjustment are very helpful.

6. Google Search

Google is king in terms of knowledge. This app let you search any thing on Google by typing or by instantly communicating with Google’s assistant by voice search. This is the mush have app for researchers. Officially on the web Google.

7. Dictionary Merriam-Webster

This app let you search the words you don’t understand. It has a nice and simple interface with features like voice search, audio pronunciation, recent history and adding words to your favourites. It also shows synonyms and antonyms so you can quickly and clearly understand what is the meaning of the particular word is. Officially on the web Merriam-Webster. – Read eBooks using the FREE Kindle Reading App on Most Devices

There you go feel free to download and try these apps and comment me below what you think about them? are they really helpful to you? Thank-you.

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