Android Tips And Tricks: 5 Most Useful Hacks

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Are you eager to try out some great useful available option you see on the Android screen? And maybe you are new to Android and want to familiarize yourself and get a better grip with the OS on your new tablet or smartphone, including the annoyances that plague you on a daily basis. First, update your phone to the newest version of Android! Open Settings > About phone or tablet > System updates > Update or Check now . The latest version Android 5.0 Lollipop maybe required for some of these Interesting tips. I’ve listed up the best tips, tricks and hacks. Here are my top 5 Android tips and tricks.

5 Most Useful Android Tips And Tricks

5 of The Best Android Tips And Tricks

1. Disable Mobile Data 

When you don’t need to stay connected it’s always a better idea to disable the Mobile Data which is helpful to keep your smartphone battery from draining too quickly. Luckily, Android operating system has made this easier to do with just a few quick steps. Turning off mobile data is as easy as:

Go to Settings > Data Usage.
Toggle Mobile data from ON to OFF.

2. Load Links in Background While Multitasking

Flynx is amazingly freaking app. Tapping a link creates a little bubble pop up on the side of your screen with a loading animation. Tap the bubble to read the article once the loading is done, then flick the bubble down to close it. Best feature: you can load several pages at a time without ever leaving your social media stream or news feed. Link Bubble Browser is a good substitute, as it shows you how much time you’ve actually saved, but it’s not as sleek as Flynx.

Both are freely available on play store.

3. Maintain your Android like a pro

If you’re an Android user, and you want to be able to view all device info, easily close apps, and give your device a little “Boost”, then the All-In-One Toolbox is just the app for you. Like a PC, Android devices needs to be tweak now and again. Very first thing you must do after installing the app is clean up the junk from your droid.

4. Push notifications on your desktop computer

Pushbullet allows you to see call and text notifications on your computer and it’s a really useful app. It’s also a very easy way to send files and links. All in all, it’s easy and a fast way to see and manage the notifications on your phone directly from your computer, without installing a heavier app like AirDroid (which is useful in its own right) instead.

5. Google’s flappy bird

Android comes with a new idea each time, this time it’s an “Easter egg” turn, a hidden animation in the Settings app. To play it, go to Settings > About Tablet and repeatedly tap “Android version” after a few taps a huge lollipop will appear, long pressing the giant lollipop starts the game.

Do you know any Android tips, tricks or hacks? Of course I know! Comment below with some of the cooler ones you know!

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