Android Store APK: Best Play Store Alternatives to Download Apps

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Android Store APK: Best Play Store Alternatives to Download Apps

Sometimes Google play store not work at all because of some reasons, in those rear cases you need some alternatives to download android apps in your mobile phone. And it’s really a problematic situation where we need to download some apps, but we can’t. This post shows you how you can download best android market APK ( Android application package file ) app stores that are alternatives to play store.

Before downloading these app stores, you should have to check unknown sources box which can be obtain in your android devices in settings > security > unknown sources.

Lets begin!

1. Amazon Android App Store

This is the highly reputable site to download android apps. Amazon app store requires android OS version 2.2+ to download apps. However it has a major drawback it requires credit card information even for free apps.

2. 1Mobile Market

This is the most trusted alternative android app store mostly used in countries like India, Pakistan, Indonesia and United States. It let you download over 800,000+ apps and games in your android phone. This app gives you the hot recommendations everyday just like the play store. With great features like breakpoint resume ( cause of interruption in download ), update notifications and much more.

3. Mobo Market

It’s a free app store for your android with a nice and managed interface. Requires android OS version 1.6+ and it only takes under 2MB to download. Give it a try because it’s good to download. It also has the PC version with all in one smartphone management tool. You can connect your android device to your PC with USB or wirelessly by scanning QR code.

4. Mobogenie

You probably heard of it because it downloads automatically without taking permission from the android user. Because of this reason many people don’t trust this app anymore. But i have seen some of the biggest news site have an advertisement of mobogenie in their site like Newyork Times etc. Some people trust this app and some don’t, however some says it’s a legit software and can be downloaded. Usually people don’t trust this app because it downloads automatically with annoying pop-ups in browser. I think it’s a legit app and can be downloaded the only problem is it’s advertising everywhere. By the way it also has a PC version-

5. But I Want to Use Play Store

Play store is an app and if it’s not working there are alternatives to access play store from other sources. For example you can access play store from any browser by going to either on your mobile browser or your PC one.

Are you using other android app stores? if so, comment me below with the name of the app store with a brief description about it because i may include in this list. Thank-you.

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