Android Browser Apps: Best Browsers

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Android Browser Apps: Best Browsers

Most of us stick to use the built-in browser that comes with the android smartphone, because we are like lazy to download some of the best known third party free browser softwares from the android market. Aren’t you tired of watching again n again your browsers old UI ( User Interface )? do you want some eye catchy browsing features? if  YES then this post is for you. This post will show you the 5 best fastest browsers for android with great features.

Lighter than feather, faster than Cheetah extremely fast and currently improving by every tick of the clock, laddering up to compete some of the known browsing applications. You can share online content, bookmark and much more with a lightning fast speed. This is the only mini browser in this list because of its ultra efficient speed for images and graphics load time.

Netscape Navigator evolved as Mozilla Firefox. This is one of the fewer major browsers for PC and it’s now on android developing much more attention, supporting features like WebGl and HTML5 semantics giving user the whole lot fun and engaging experience. You can have many many tabs opened at the same time, featuring heaps of addons to choose from to customize the way you want.

In my opinion it’s the far more best browser for android. It contains ultra unique features you have never seen in other browsers, features like sonar(Voice Search) and gestures astonishingly amazing. Using Dolphin Browser is like WOW. It engages you to do something for example in order to do voice search do the following.

  • Open Dolphin Browser.
  • Shake your phone.
  • There is the option Sonar which let you speak.
  • Speak or to browse the social networking sites and also other sites like etc.

Don’t worry if you think you are irritating your family by voice search, use gesture search instead that let you make gestures on screen, like G to access Google and F to access Facebook and more. However you can make gestures of your own choice.

    It has some great plugins too like battery saver, translate and more.

    It’s a cemented browser solidly packed with some great features, enhancing the way users browse the web. Tab browsing with lightning fast speed, share pages, download files, create gestures and much more. You can switch between WWW to WAP versions of the web, and also use private browsing to feel more secure.

    I love Google’s every product they produce. Statistics shows chrome is one of the most used web browser mainly on PC platform. Chrome greatest feature is auto completion when entering site name in the address bar. Sign in to sync your open tabs, bookmarks. Send pages from chrome to your computer and much more.

    Last Words 

    Everyone claims to be the worlds fastest and efficient browser but the choice is yours. Download and try these free browsers and discover the power of what they can do. If you think you have the better list of browsers for android devices that you like and currently using, so please notify me below in comment box. Your comments will be highly appreciated and thanked.

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