9 Best Online Carrom Games VS Computer (FREE)

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So, you are searching about how to play carrom board online against the computer, right?

Well, let me tell you this is the perfect post for you.

This post will not only showcase best carrom games that are available online but also breaks down into sections let’s say for example you want to play carrom game without downloading anything and just from using your browser on a website.

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I have also included two more sections. One about PC carrom games and another about Mobile phone options.

Also, if you were searching for “3d indian carrom board game free download”, this post will fulfill your needs too.

So, let’s pick the best carrom games available out there and start playing vs. a computer.

1. Free downloadable carrom games for your PC

If you are an avid gamer and want to shift your experience towards the indoor games that are playable online than I must say you will going to love these games that you are about to discover here.

These games will going to work on multiple platform like Windows 7, XP etc.

Real Carrom 3D : Multiplayer APK

Originally, this is not a PC game. But, a few people took the efforts to make it work on PC too. It is completely fine if you want to play this game on your mobile phone since that is the actual platform this game is made for.

But, there are a few people who actually prefer PC more than the mobile phones when it comes to gaming. And it actually makes sense as you have a mouse control for greater precision, a big screen so you can really get the best experience out of your gaming.

In order to download this game for your PC follow these steps:

Click on the Download button
  • Once the file is downloaded you can click on the ? button next to “Play on PC” button for the instructions. I have also included a snapshot of the instructions for your convenience below.
Carrom Instructions
  • Voila and you can now play the game.

This game will going to work on multiple platforms as it already includes the virtual machine. So, no matter which operating system you have it will still going to work.

The next in this list is:

Pro Carrom

In order to download this game:

Pro Carrom Download


  • You may now need to login to your Windows live account if you haven’t already.

Carrom Board Game by Shahid Software

This game is a true deal. If you really can’t wait to play the carrom board game than this is the very first one that you should try. Simply because this game is very small and quickly downloaded. The total size if this game is 1.80 MB (.rar).

In order to get this game:

Download Carrom Board by Shahid Software
  • Once the file is downloaded you can further explore yourself it is pretty much self explanatory. You will get these three files in the .rar archive.
Shahid Carrom Game Instructions


2. Download and play carrom board games on your mobile phone

Well, to be honest there are a tons of carrom board games available for mobile devices. But, I only included which are really the best ones so you can save your time when researching on them.

The criteria that I set for picking up the best carrom board games for mobile phones is:

  • It should have more than 50,000+ downloads
  • It should have a rating of more than 4.3 out of 5.0

Note: I only included Android version of the games because Apple Store does not provide the information on how many times an app has been downloaded.

Alright, so the very first one in this list is:

Carrom Star 3D – GameNexa Studios PVT LTD

This game is really awesome. It is compact in size and have a total of 22 MB. It requires an Android version of 4.1 or more.

Carrom Star 3D

You have the option to select the striker of your choice. Also, there are a bunch of options of choosing the board too. You can pick a default carrom board, green carrom board or even a blue one.

After you are done with controlling the power, it is just a matter of swiping your finger to put a carrom coin in the pocket through your chosen striker.

This game has a rating of 4.3 and a total of 50,000+ installs at the time of writing this post.

Carrom King – Game InfoTech

Next up is Carrom King by Game InfoTech.

Carrom King Android

You can play with the computer as well as multiplayer. You can customize the total table points. Heck you can even select the orientation of the game like if you want to play with your opponent sitting side-by-side or opposite to you.
This game does come with a lot of other cool features as well.
This game has been downloaded about 5,000,000+ times and maintained a rating of 4.3 even after that much downloads. This game also requires an Android version of 4.1 and up.
Next up is Carrom 3D FREE by EivaaGames.

Carrom 3D FREE

This game is a little bit bigger in size than the Carrom Star 3D not much only a 4 MB additional space is required that makes it a total of 26 MB in size.
One of the best things that I liked about this game is that their developers are always updating and making this game better. Even the last update of this game at the time of my writing is June 14, 2018. This shows how much they care about this app.
It also has a lot of installs just like the Carrom King, 5,000,000.
Also, just like the above two, this one also requires an Android OS version of 4.1 or above.

3. Don’t want to download? Here are a few free games that you can play directly in your web browser.

Sometimes you really do not want to download the games you just really want to play them instantly.
Well, good news for you. There are a few very good quality FREE carrom games out there that you can play directly in your web browser and the best part about them is that they are independent of any operating system you are running. No matter if you are running Windows or Mac or any other.
This one should be on the top of the list simply because it is the oldest online carrom board games available up to this date.

Carrom King

You may get surprised that this game is actually added in y8.com on 31 dec 2009. This makes it one of the oldest carrom board games online.
It’s been played about 500,000+ times up till now.
Although, as the name implies it is not really a 3D game but, they made a very good efforts to make it look like it is.
I loved the gameplay everything is quite good about this game except they should have picked a better quality image of the carrom board as it looks a little pixelated.
3D Carrom
Honestly, this is not like an actual carrom board game but, I actually loved its style.
The gameplay is very smooth. The board is small in size making it easier to pocket the coins.
The only difference that you will see in the actual game while playing is the use of “pool billiard” instead of a human hand.
The rules are a bit different but honestly I am in love with the simplicity of this game.
Carrom Pool
Here you go. Let me know if you know any other good carrom board games available for PC, mobile phones or even for browsers. 

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