7 Things You Should Know About Carrom Board Stand (SECRETS)

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Carrom Board Stand

So you’re looking for some specific information about carrom board stands. Maybe you’re looking to build one yourself or maybe you’re trying to find the best carrom stands available in the market.

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Well, here’s the good news for you. This guide is going to cover all of the answers you were looking for regarding carrom board stands.

In this post, I am not just going to cover about the material of the stand you should opt for or what the standard size of the carrom stand is but, also I am going to talk about how you can measure whether you have bought the perfect stand or not.

So, let’s start!

1. Can I make carrom board stand at home?

Absolutely, infact a lot of the people have already done it.

You first have to select which type of material you want for your stand. Usually, there are 2 types available in the market metal and wood.

As you may have guessed working with metals for the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects is not a good idea. It really tough to work with metals especially at home.

Contrary, wood is pretty good when it comes to home based projects.

The second thing is that you have to analyze the size you want your stand to be. The size should be perfect and back friendly.

I’ve also covered the standard carrom stand size later in this post.

Once you are done with selecting the material and size we can start working on the stand.

If you have selected metal as the material then this section is not for you. Instead, I encourage you to skip and start from here.

If you have selected wood, then keep on reading.

Note: We are not going to make an advanced version of the stand but, just a basic non-foldable one.

1.1. First, go and buy the highest quality wood available in the market.

By highest quality, I mean measure the weight of the wood. Make sure it’s heavy. The weight is one of the key criterion in the making of carrom stand. If you buy the light weight wood maybe because of your budget or something else, your game will going to be shaky when you play on it.

Another way to check the quality of the wood is to knock on it. This will allow you to check if the wood is hollow from the inside. If you feel it’s pretty solid and can’t detect the presence of the termites. Just go for it.

1.2. Next, cut the wood into 4 pieces for the bottom legs of the stand using the measurements you did previously.

Make sure the legs aren’t too think nor too thin. Cut the pieces in moderation.

For the upper part of the stand i.e where your carrom will be placed. You first have to measure your carrom board dimensions. The reason for this step is because I have noticed that most of the standard stands available in the market have a width of  70%-90% of what the carrom board size is.

You have to cut the wood into 6 equal sizes for the upper structure of the stand. The 4 pieces will be arranged in a manner so they will be attached as an outline of the upper part. The remaining 2 pieces will be arranged diagonally making an X at the center of the stand to give support to the carrom board.

The diagonal ones will be overlapped so be sure to trim them as needed so the upper part of the carrom is all plane.

1.3. Now that you’ve the pieces all trimmed and ready to be attached together.

First, apply glue to all the pieces where it’s required and build a basic structure.

Once you are satisfied with how the structure looks you can now do the actual work using drill machine, needles, screws or anything you would like to make it work for you.

Hopefully, you’ll get a nice structure of the carrom board stand that you can use to play.

Though, not required but, as you’ve applied glue you can leave your newly made carrom stand for a few hours before using.

1.4. The optional step is to apply paint on your stand to give a nice glossy look.

That’s it! Now you can play using your own custom made carrom board stand.

2. What are the best carrom stands available in the market?

There are a tons of variety when it comes to choosing the carrom board stands.

The material, the quality, the color all differs.

Some are heavier, some are lighter (which I personally don’t recommend). Some are expensive, some are cheap.

There are simply a lot of options and a lot of criterion to look for.

One of the best rule to always keep in mind while shopping for the carrom stand is to buy the heaviest one available. This way your board will not get shaky when you start to play.

3. What’s the material used in carrom board stand? Is it wood, metal or any other?

The most common material used in carrom stand is metal or aluminium.

There are others that made up of wood too.

But, I am going to recommend the metal one whenever it’s possible for you to buy. Simply because the metal stand have much more advantages than the wooden material:

  • They are heavy hence stays flat on the surface
  • Reliable
  • No risk of getting termites
  • Hydraulic system and/or adjustable screws included
If you are having trouble in finding the metal carrom stand in your local area than you can find a bunch of options online or if you can’t shop online for some reason and want to buy the best carrom stand. I would like to go for the heaviest stand you can find in your local market regardless of the material.

4. What’s the best type of carrom board stand available in the market?

Well, there are a lot of options to choose from. It all comes down to what you really need in your carrom board stand.
There is one which comes with the lamp light. There is one which comes with the wheels. There is one which comes with the hydraulic system. There is one which comes with the adjustable mechanism. There is one which comes with the fold-ability option for your easiness.
Carrom Stand Options
It all depends on you and what you want.
Another thing that you need to decide is that how you will going to play the carrom board? In sitting position or while standing?
If you have a back pain problem than you should definitely go for the lengthier stand.
Here are a few types of stands currently available in the market:
Note: I haven’t included those those type of stands that you can use to play while standing. The reason behind this is because they aren’t the part of the standard. Also, because of the fact they are very hard to find in the market as well. The best approach to tackle this problem is by ordering those companies which makes carrom stands. So, they can make a customized version just for you. Or, another option is to make it yourself.
As lengthier stands aren’t included in this list so I decided to remove it from the pros and cons too.

4.1. Click Lock Mini Stand

It’s the cutest stand of them all. It usually comes with the adjustable levelers on each of the corners so you can easily make adjustments as you deem fit if in case your carrom has a sloped surface.
 – Portable
 – Foldable
 – Levelers/screws for adjusting carrom surface
 – No hydraulic system
 – Levelers/screws for adjusting floor surface is not given
Can’t play while sitting on a chair

4.2. X-Fold Stand

It’s a budget friendly stand that usually comes with the 4 adjustable levelers just like the click lick mini stand.
 – Budget friendly
 – Levelers/screws for adjusting carrom surface
 – Foldable
 – Can be played while sitting on a chair
 – Not portable
 – No hydraulic system
 – Levelers/screws for adjusting floor surface is not given

4.3. Click Fold Large Stand

It’s the larger version of the click fold mini stand.
 – Levelers/screws for adjusting carrom surface
 – Foldable
 – Can be played while sitting on a chair
 – Not portable
 – Levelers/screws for adjusting floor surface is not given
 – No hydraulic system

4.4. Box Type Stand

It comes with a total of 8 adjustable screws i.e 4 on each side. It makes it very easy to adjust the levels on floor as well as on the carrom.
 – Foldable
 – Levelers/screws for adjusting carrom surface
 – Levelers/screws for adjusting floor surface
 – Can be played while sitting on a chair
 – Heaviness of it makes the game less shaky
 – Not portable
 – Difficult to setup if you aren’t a regular player
 – No hydraulic system

4.5. Easy Fold Stand

This is one of the most convenient and innovative stand up to date.
 – Hydraulic system
 – Foldable
 – Levelers/screws for adjusting carrom surface
 – Can be played while sitting on a chair
 – Not portable
 – Levelers/screws for adjusting floor surface is not given
Now there are a lot other types of stands that I haven’t covered yet like stand with a lamp light, stand with wheels attached etc.
It’s just the matter of the personal preference.
These special types (wheels and lamps) can be found on the internet but, very hard to find when you shop from the local market.

5. How to measure that your carrom stand is perfect?

The pretty obvious things like material, quality, look and feel are basic things and doesn’t really help that much.
One of the key things for examining whether your stand is perfect or not is by looking at the evenness of it. And you could only be able to judge it with the help of the calibration tool.
Calibrating the carrom board and stand is very important so that it will be a good experience for both the players and no one can say I have got a slope on my side.
Though, calibrating device couldn’t detect that the slope problem is with your carrom board or with the stand. So, in this case you have to analyze with your naked eyes. At least, the calibrating device is helping you to know that there a problem somewhere.

6. What’s the cost of the carrom board stand?

The average cost of the carrom board stand is $50 as seen in the major online marketplaces.
Though, you can find the low cost deals if you shop for it in your local market.

7. What’s the size/height of the carrom board stand?

The standard size of the carrom board stand according to the International Carrom Federation (ICF) should be no less than 63cm and no greater than 70cm.


Here you have it. The perfect resource guide for those who want to buy or make the carrom stand on there own.

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