7 Best Carrom Board Brands

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In this post, I am going to show you the world class carrom board brands that you may not even heard about before.

For those who happen to be here without knowing the rules of carrom board can go here.

This post is general. Means I am not going to cover brands in the specific country like India, USA, Singapore etc. Instead, you will get an overall idea of the companies that are really good and are famous world wide.

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Though, this post will surely include some brands from India and some from other parts of the world to make up the list.

The right title for this post should read “7 best carrom board brands in the world”.

Anyways, without further ado, let’s begin.

1. Uber

This is a very well known company that produce carrom boards. Not really popular in Asian countries but very well known in western countries.

The amazing part about this board is that usually we have 9 whites, 9 blacks and 1 red coin.

But, this board offers 11 whites, 11 blacks and 2 reds. Just like the set I talked about earlier on this blog.

Uber Carrom Board

The board is set to a very minimal pricing means that you don’t have to pay large bucks in order to get this. Everything is very clear in the description and you even have the opportunity to contact them live in case you have any questions.

Here’s an Amazon link to the board.

2. Synco

Synco is very well known for its quality.

Synco Carrom Board

The brand itself is very famous in India and other parts of the world even in North Carolina.

They produce carrom boards in different price range so that everyone could afford them. The expensive one they sell is of green color and it cost around $400-$500 range.

Synco boards are very reliable and they last longer because of the premium quality material they use. They cost pretty normal if you see from this aspect.

You can find Synco carrom boards in online market places and in local market especially if you are living in India. I found these three useful links for you:


3. Surco

This brand is simply the name of trust. You can’t go wrong with this brand.

Most of the international matches are played on this board. In fact, it is promoted by ICF (International Carrom Federation) and AICF (All Indian Carrom Federation).

One thing that is very important when you shop for this board online.

Some people made accounts on sites like Amazon to sell their boards in the name of Surco.

They fool people by just playing with the brand name. Let’s take a deep look:

The brand name “Surco” is not the same as “Sucro”. Beware of this spelling.

You can even see in this snapshot here:

Surco vs Sucro

Well, I am not sure if they are selling the same boards of “Surco” with a different name. Probably, reselling the same stuff but, again not sure.

Here is the live Amazon page so you can take a look yourself.

4. Precise

They produce premium quality carrom boards. The type of plywood they use is usually English birch but, it all depends on the model you are going to choose.

At the time of my writing they have seven different models of carrom boards:
  • Superb
  • Monitor
  • Excel
  • Amature
  • Champion
  • Bulldog
  • Jumbo
Each comes with its own uniqueness and premium level.
Precise is known both nationally and internationally. As its been used numerous times in various matches. They are so proud of themselves that they listed championships on their website where their boards were used:
Precise Boards Usage
There are various options when it comes to choosing the thickness of the plywood.

Obviously, when you go for the thicker mm’s you have to pay the thicker $$’s.

The best part about Precise boards are the rebounds. You will usually get 4-5 rebounds depending on how much the power of your shot was.
The brand is also very well known in Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, UAE and Sri Lanka.

5. Do Sports

This brand does have a lot of other sports equipment in addition to just carrom boards.

Since 1974, they are trying to bring quality carrom board products at reasonable rates.

Note: This brand is popular in Singapore and they do free shipping within the mainland Singapore of shopping above $50. They do international shipping but, you have to contact them to get their updated rates.

You can also contact them via a phone call or just filling up and sending a regular email asking the international shipping rates will be fine.

Do Sports Contact

6. Vinex

Vinex is the popular Indian carrom board brand. Well technically, they are not just carrom board brand but, they also produce other sports equipment just like Do Sports does.

Vinex Products

They have a range of carrom related products on their website.

The nice thing about Vinex is that instead of offering so many models they offer a very few but, with the option of choosing different inner and outer sizes, different thicknesses of the ply wood and so on makes the same model looks like could cater your needs with so many customizable options.

You can call them if you need any further details that you could not find on their website.

They are in this business for a long time starting from 1957 and have a factory space of 50,000 square ft. approximately.

7. Siscaa

One of the most interesting things about Siscaa boards is that their carrom boards are water proof and scratch proof.

Here is a snapshot from their website that not only tell you about this but also, about the matches that played on Siscaa boards:

Why Choose Siscaa Carrom Boards

You see sometimes carrom boards are bloated just because of the water, tea or juice spillage and making it virtually unplayable. In that case, the person need to change the playing surface if possible or he/she just have to replace the whole board with a new one which at times is very costly. Siscaa boards are the best in those cases.

Again, this particular brand is very popular in India as well as their neighboring countries like Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, UAE and Sri Lanka.


Usually, the best carrom board brands are the ones which are a bit expensive. Higher the cost means higher the quality. Simple!

There is a saying:
Buy expensive once, buy cheap again and again.”

Here you go! Let me know if this post helped you somehow in the comment section below.

As you can see majority of these carrom boards manufacturers are from India and that’s because the game is particularly very popular in Indian regions.

I will update this post and add other manufacturers from other countries from time to time.

Currently, this post contains 5 manufacturers from India, 1 from Singapore and 1 from United Kingdom.

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