6 Ways to Keep Your Plastic Carrom Board Clean (Simple Steps)

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Plastic Carrom Board
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Alright, so you’ve just bought or about to buy a brand new plastic carrom board and you’re worried on how to keep it clean.

Since, it already looks clean, wrapped perfectly and smells so good that you psychologically become much more likelier to care about it .

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Well, in this post I’m gonna show you how to keep your plastic carrom clean to maintain it for longer usage.

Let’s get started!

1. The First Step to Take Prior to Play

Make sure you’re using a slightly wet cloth prior to each game.

This way it will remove dust particles if there are any from the playing surface.

Helping you to not to ruin your game.

The basic rule to keep in mind is to wipe the board before and after of each play.

2. Don’t Using It?

If you’re too busy and couldn’t be able to find the time you ever wanted to play with your newly bought carrom and you’re worried about it eating dust sitting in one of the corners of your home and making it even worse in condition.

Well, there is nothing to worry about.

There is a quick and easy way to deal with it. Just apply petroleum jelly from top to bottom. This way your plastic carrom will be in a good condition and you’ll be proud of yourself of reaping the benefits of it using this simple little trick in the future.

3. Play in Moderation

Person A: If you play with your plastic carrom all day long 24/7 and don’t even place it behind your cupboard or beneath your bed


Person B: You may not play it at all or very rarely. Your carrom will certainly going to be damaged no matter if you’re a person A or B.

Instead, a better idea is to play it in moderation. Playing twice or thrice a week is pretty good.

4. Use One of These 3 Strategies

Note: Before applying any of these 3 strategies make sure you go thought the tips and warning sections below. Also, you don’t have to pick all of these strategies. Go for the one which you think will going to work best for you.

4.1. Spray Vinegar and Water Combined

Pomegranate Vinegar

Take an empty spray bottle and fill it up with half the vinegar and half the water.

Spray it all over the carrom. Make sure the carrom pockets are already opened before you spray.

Once you’re done spraying. Take a dry cloth and wipe until the solution is all soaked and the surface becomes dry.

Vinegar is known to have the tendency of cleaning plastic materials as they are a bit acidic in nature.

4.2. Cleaning with the Bleach

Cleaning with the Bleach

Take a small tub and fill it up with 1 cup of bleach. Make sure you wear the safety cloths before continuing with this process.

Take a piece of a dry cloth, soak it in a little bit of the bleach solution which you just poured in a tub and rub gently all over the carrom.

4.3. Taking Advantage of the Baking Soda

Baking Soda

Mix 3 tablespoons of baking soda with 1 tablespoon of water and mix it well to make a thick solution.

Apply with your unused toothbrush on your plastic carrom board and let it stick on it for at least 30 minutes. That way, the baking soda will loosen the dust particles on the plastic.

Take a kitchen cleaning foam to clean the carrom surface. It’s important to use the foam so you can easily pick backing soda powder from the surface of the carrom otherwise it will be tough for you if you use just a piece of cloth.

5. A Few Things to Consider Before Applying Anything Practically

  • If you aren’t sure that you improved the cleanliness of your carrom after applying any of the strategies stated above you may have to try another one. This is the only way to find what works for you.
  • Make sure you don’t get bleach on your hands and cloths while pouring it in a tub.
  • Vinegar doesn’t smell good. The good idea is to combine it with the essential oil like lavender or citrus.

 6. A Little Warning

It’s a little risky applying bleach on a colored carrom board. As it may discolor the plastic. If you have a white colored board make sure to only apply on the white surfaces and avoiding the contact with the black lines by all means.

Wrapping It Up!

Well, here you go.

A few tips, tricks and strategies to keep your plastic carrom board clean.

I hope you’re already covered the above 2 sections (tips and warning) as they are very important and should be in the back of your head when you clean your carrom.

Tell me how do you clean your plastic board yourself? Maybe, you’ve got a better technique and is already working great for you.

Let me know in the comment down below if you have any critiques, suggestions to improve the content of this website. I’ll try my best to update the content when I feel the need to so that anyone can take advantage of this useful information which is not usually findable on the web.

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