48 & 52 Inch Carrom Board Prices

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Looking to get an idea of how much you will going to spend on your new 52 inch carrom board or a 48 inch carrom board?

Well, let me tell you, you’re in the right place.

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This post is perfect and gives you a rough idea on how much you have to spend in order to get either the 52 or a 48 inch carrom board.

So, let’s begin.

1. 52 inch carrom board price

In this section, I am going to cover the average pricing of the 52 inch carrom board so you can get a good idea of how much you have to spend in order to get one for yourself.

We will going to compare various brands of 52 inch carrom board makers so we can get a precise pricing point that we can use when buying for a new one.

Carrom Board Brand New 52″ inch square

This is a brand new board available to be bought in Pakistan. The person is from Islamabad and he is selling it for RS 9,500 (Pakistani).
52 Inch Price in Pakistan
Now, don’t shout you are maybe from India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka or UAE. And I get it. The thing is that I am going to give you a rough idea and also there is nothing to worry about as I will be converting these prices into your local currency so you can make a better decision based on what I have concluded here.
This is the ad that I found on IndiaListed.com.
Now, there is no description if it is new or used nor we can see the images of it as the ad is 3 months old at the time of writing this post and the ad is already expired.
Expired India Listed Ad
This person was selling this board for RS 11,000 (Indian).
We are going to assume that it is a brand new board and why shouldn’t we? If a person from Pakistan is selling the brand new board for RS 9,500 than I guess it is pretty normal to assume that.
Especially when the conversion from Indian to Pakistani rupees is almost double.
Indian to Pakistani Rupees
Now, this one is from Mirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
The person is selling the board for Tk 6,500 (Bangladeshi Taka).
Bangladesh 52 Inch Carrom Board
As I have already told you don’t worry about the pricing just yet. We are going to convert those in our local currencies afterwards.
It feels like the board is not new just by looking at the picture. The person played with it before now he wants to sell it. So, we need to add a few couple of bucks more into that pricing to level up everything so there is no margin for the errors to happen.

2. 48 inch carrom board price

Alright, let’s cover the pricing of the 48 inch carrom boards now.
Now, this carrom board looks shiny, incredible and it is just perfect.
The cost of it is $129 (Australian Dollars).
48 Inch Price in Australia
For our ease, I will convert all the pricing into US dollars first and then add them together, take an average and convert them back again into whatever our currency is.
This is the one that I found at GumTree.com.au.
It is a brand new board which is really what we need here to pin point the exact cost of these boards on an average.
The cost of this board is $100 (Australian Dollars).
Gumtree Australia Carrom Board
This is the 48-inch DVM brand new carrom board.
At the time of my writing the pricing of this board is RS 8,700 (Indian). The old pricing were RS 10,500 but, after the 17% discount we can get it for just RS 8,700.
48 Inch Indian Carrom Board

3. Let’s talk about the pricing

Now, we have waited too much for the pricing. Let’s do an estimate on how much it will gonna cost us in our local currencies.
As mentioned before I will first gonna convert all the prices into the US dollars and then add up and take and average so it will be much easier for us.
I will first estimate the 52 inch carrom board pricing before proceeding to the 48 one.
So, let’s begin!

52 Inch

The very first board we had in the 52 inch list cost a total of RS 9,500 (Pakistani) and it was brand new.
So we just need to convert the RS 9,500 directly into US dollars.
Note: At the time of writing this post, 1 US Dollar is equals to 129.16 Pakistani RS. The reason for making this point is important because this never happened in the history ever before.
US to Pakistani RS
When I converted RS 9,500 into US Dollars it is $73.56.
Next, we had a board which cost a total of RS 11,000 (Indian) and also was brand new.
So, let’s convert right away too.
RS 11,000 (Indian) = $159.66 (US)
The third one we had in the 52 inch section was of Tk 6,500 (Bangladeshi Taka).
It was also the one that was not brand new.
So, in my opinion I should double up the Taka before converting it into US dollars.
Tk 13,000 (Bangladeshi Taka) = $153.88 (US).
The average of cost:
($73.56 + $159.66 + $153.88 ) / 3 = $129.03
The average cost in the local currencies would be:
  • Pakistan – 16,664.87 Pakistani Rupee
  • India  – 8,888.23 Indian Rupee
  • Bangladesh – 10,904.20 Bangladeshi Taka
  • Nepal – 14,214.59 Nepalese Rupee
  • Sri Lanka – 20,575.12 Sri Lankan Rupee
  • UAE – 473.95 United Arab Emirates Dirham


48 Inch

The very first board in the 48 inch carrom board section cost a total of $129 (Australian Dollars).

It will be:

$129 Australian Dollars = $95.67 US Dollars.

The second one in the list cost $100 Australian Dollars and also it is a brand new board so we don’t need to double up the pricing as we did earlier.

$100 Australian Dollars = 74.16 US Dollars.

The third one in the list cost RS 8,700 (Indian) and again it is a brand new board.

8,700 Indian Rupees = $126.32 US Dollars.

Taking the average:
( $95.67 + 74.16 + 126.32  ) / 3 = $98.716

The average cost in the local currencies would be:
  • Pakistan – 12662.30 Pakistani Rupee
  • India  – 6799.06 Indian Rupee
  • Bangladesh – 8342.39 Bangladeshi Taka
  • Nepal – 10875.05 Nepalese Rupee
  • Sri Lanka – 15739.28 Sri Lankan Rupee
  • UAE – 362.60 United Arab Emirates Dirham



Here you have it. Let me know if you liked this post in the comment section below. Maybe you have a question you would like to ask.

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