4 Carrom Game Board Replacement Parts

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In this post, I am going to talk about the replacement parts in carrom board.

I’ll be covering four parts which we can replace to enhance our gameplay.

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Some of them are easily replaceable items and some of them are really harder to even think of replacing them which I talked about at the end of the post.

1. Net / Pocket (Replacement Mesh)

There is not much variety when it comes to the replacement mesh.
Only a few online marketplaces provide these meshes.
Seems like there is only a very few manufacturers of these as the quality is pretty much the same as well as the pricing, which ranges from $1.50 to $1.75 each.
Replacement Mesh
If you feel like you need to replace the default net pockets just because they are dirty, damaged or too old this is the best solution for you.
Or perhaps, you need to clean the net pockets and can’t resist to wait for the pockets to be cleaned this is the best substitute you can use in that case.
Using the mesh is not really difficult. You just have to understand the mechanism of the pocket nets in your carrom board.
After that you just have to replace the previous net and insert in the new one and you are good to go.
Always be gentle in removing the nets and inserting the new one to avoid damaging the nets as well as the mechanism of the pockets.
There are basically two types of replacement mesh available in the market. One is made up of nylon and another one is made up of cotton. It is always a best decision to go for the cotton one as they are more reliable and usually last longer then the nylon material.

2. Replacing The Coins


Coins are not something that are attached with the board obviously but, it is worth considering to replace them especially when they aren’t smooth at all and have a lot of scratches that you can’t even do the service on them.

Replacing the carrom coin

Replacing the coins is one of the key aspects when it comes to enhancing the game. In reality they are the nuts and bolts for your carrom board. Leave them in bad condition and you will regret when you have played that you should have bought a new set or at least give them a light sanding service to each one of them.

Important thing to note is that you should be able to detect whether the problem is with your carrom  board playing surface or with your coins.

If you feel like your coins are causing the friction issue than you should replace them with a new set.

This is important if you would like to feel as enchanting experience when playing the game as possible.

The good rule of thumb is to have a new pack each and every three months only if you are an avid player and play a lot. Otherwise, six months is fine too. I am recommending these figures because as the coins gets older they lose their precision somehow. Even if you care a lot, do a service on them every now or than. For sure, the process certainly make the coins better but they are still not comparable to the new ones.

3. Replacing The Striker

Striker is like a king. It is the one who give directions to each and every coin on the board. Instructing turn right, turn left its what its job is 😉

Replacing the carrom board striker

A few days back I did a post on polishing the carrom striker. The reason of doing this post is not just showing “how to” but also, showing the importance of the striker.

It’s a material from which you aim for the shot. And if, it is not perfect in condition at that exact moment, it could ruin your shot.

If it is quite been a while playing with your striker and it is the only striker you rely on you should consider replacing it with the new one. As it probably should have get a few scratches by now.

Playing with a friction oriented striker is like trying to drag an angry horse. You know it will not going to work what’s so ever.

The options: There are a couple of options available when choosing your next striker. You can pick a wooden material, acrylic material, marble material or even a plastic material striker.

I’ll prefer an acrylic or a marble one, just because the heavier the striker gets the greater the precision you could expect.

In my opinion, the coins are much important than the striker. As those are what get us the points. I’d prefer changing the striker every six months is a good way to go.

There are a whole lot of options available online when it comes to choosing your new striker and replacing with your old one.

4. The Playing Surface

This is what supports everything. The playing surface is the backbone for the carrom board how we can even imagine to leave the discussion on it. If it is not in a condition to even playable and required a replacement we gotta do it.

Carrom board playing surface

Though this is not really as easy as it sounds. Dissembling the board into pieces to just get that backbone (playing surface) and replacing it with the new surface requires some determination, hard work and time.

And the very first question you should ask yourself “Should I do that myself?”. A lot of the times you will get the answer “NO” for sure. You have to find some people who can do that. You have to find people that have the right tools for the job. As you see dissembling is tough, it is not easy as saying “123”.

You have the option to get your board into the manufacturer hands right away. Maybe, they have the right solution for you.

In most cases though, you have to change the whole carrom board when the playing surface is at issue (you can see how important part it is) but, it all depends what kind of problem you are facing with your playing surface. Is it the termites issue, has it become uneven, the breakage problem or even bloated?

Wrapping It Up

Leave a comment down below if this post helped you. I will highly appreciate if you can share this post with your friends and family who are really interested in playing carrom board.

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