2 Carrom Coin Manufacturing Machines

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When I was searching about carrom coin manufacturing machines, I found a very little details about them on the web. And that little information is what I am going to share with you in this post.

Let’s begin.

1. How the carrom coin machine works?

There are different types of carrom coin machines available in the market.

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The mechanics, size, structure and how much they can produce varies from one carrom coin machine to another.

Some machines requires manual work to a certain extent. As you can see in this video the person is actually tracing and cutting the coins all by himself based on his expertise. He used the machine only for the trimming of the wood.

Though he used different set of tools as opposed to the machine to trace and cut the coins in to perfect sizes.

There are some automated machines too. You just set it up and they will do there jobs 24/7.

As you can see in this video the machine is producing bulk amount of coins in a short period of time.

There is one exception though. As you can see the machine requires the trimmed wood upfront in order to work. But, unlike the previous video the machine is producing the coins very smoothly without the need of human interaction.

You may have think about “what about the design?”, well it is another art.

This is just the beginning of the carrom coin manufacturing. And this kind of coins are not the ones you play with.

You play with these:

Carrom Coin Design

The designed ones. Looks like a real handwork was put behind the scenes. We don’t have an idea how much efforts are put into producing those design when we play with them. I searched on the Internet and haven’t found anything about the design on the coins and how they are done. But, I wonder what if they are designed by hands?.

If you have an idea how they are designed, please let me know in the comment section below.

2. Who are the manufacturers of the carrom coin machines?

Well, to be honest, after researching a lot I did not find a lot of the carrom coin machines on the Internet.

In fact, I found only two! Here is the first one:

If you have watched the video you may have come across the brand of the machine when the guy is working on it. You can even see the brand of the machine in the very start of this YouTube video.

The manufacturer is “Bhavna Engineering Works”.

Sadly, even after knowing the name of the manufacturer I couldn’t find more details about this manufacturer nor I can find there website address.

Another manufacturer I noticed can also be seen on the YouTube video. I already embedded that video on this page. Actually, it is the second video starting from the beginning of this post.

This machine and its manufacturer looks amazing. The machine is fully automated and just blazingly fast.

Not just that, the person includes a lot of the details in the description area. Details like manufacturer name, features and cost.

For your convenience I attached the details below:

Manufacturer- A S Engineering Pune, 
Fully automatic,
Cycle time 60 pieces per minute,  
Flatness of piece is in 0.1 to 0.2  mm,
Smooth surface finish.
Maintenance free.
Contact to Purchase 09730389983.

You can also visit the YouTube video so you can see the updates as they happen.

Currently, these are the only two manufacturer I could be able to find out.

If you know about the others, do let me know in the comment section below. So I can include them in this post.

3. How much carrom coin machine cost?

Well, as you have seen I only found two machines in total and that’s it.

And they does not show any pricing. But, the good news is that you can contact those manufacturers and they will let you know about their pricing right away.

In case you have missed the first manufacturer phone number I have attached the snapshot below so it will be easier for you to feed in to your phone contact list.

Carrom coin manufacturer contact number

4. What kind of coin material these machines can work with?

Well, as you can see in these videos, these machines were producing wood coins. And I think they meant to do just that.

I don’t think they can support other materials but, again you have both the numbers and you can ask everything you want to know.


Here you go. If you want carrom coin making machine you can contact those companies. Both the companies are located in India so if you live in Indian region and want to buy these machines you can easily do that. For overseas it is bit hard. Anyways, let me know if this post is somewhat helpful for you in the comment section down below.

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