12 Steps to Create a Perfect Glass Carrom Board (Easy Way)

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Glass Carrom Board

As you know the glass carrom is one of the rarest types.

They aren’t easily available in the market. There is not enough information about them on the internet too.

Read about carrom board powder.

So, I decided what if we create it by ourselves?

In this post, you’ll see a step-by-step tutorial to make one.

Let me begin!

1. Things You’ll Need

  • Glass
  • Glass cutter (if required)
  • Wood (if required)
  • Grouting powder (if required)
  • Paint (if required)
  • Paint brush (if required)
  • Marker
  • Measuring tape
  • Glue (if required)

2. Measuring Your Carrom Board Playing Surface

Measuring Tape
Take a measuring tape and measure the playing surface of you carrom board.
Note it down on your mobile phone or on a piece of paper so when you go to buy the glass you don’t have to rely on your memory.
Write it down like this:
Width: 29 inches
Height: 29 inches
29 x 29 inches
A good tip of advice is to measure the surface at least twice so there will be less margin for the error to happen.

3. Buy a Good Quality Glass

Buy the Glass
The thicker the glass the better.
Contrary, the thicker you go the edges of your carrom will eventually be vanished. Making your coins go outside as their is nothing that can stop them.
It will make you playing the game frustrating.
I suggest you to measure the thickness of your carrom edges first and compare it with the glass you’re going to buy.
Make sure it should be at least half the size of it.
But, if your carrom edges is already very thin in size then don’t worry there is a solution presented afterwards in this post.

4. Outline the Pockets on the Glass

Place one side of the glass on one of the pockets of the carrom and make an outline of the pocket on the glass with marker.
Repeat the step until you’re done with each corner.
A tip to have here is to don’t really focus on the accuracy while outlining. A little bigger cutting of your glass than the actual pocket size is always a good thing.

5. Cut the Glass from Each Corner

Cutting Glass
If you can cut the glass yourself than it’s good. But, if you can’t go again to the glass market and let them cut it for you.
The good idea is to go to the exact shop you bought the glass from. So, if the glass breaks while cutting, you’re not responsible for it nor you’ve have to pay the extra.
To prevent from the hassle if the glass breaks and outlining on it again. Prior to going to the market trace your outline on a little piece of paper of only one side of the corner pocket.
This way you’ll save some of your precious time that could be spend on other steps on this list.

6. Place the Glass on the Playing Surface

Alright, so you already have the glass ready to place as the playing surface and start playing.
But, there’s a problem that I’ve already talked about earlier.
What if, after placing the glass the edges of your carrom completely vanish?
Let’s now talk about the solution…

7. Measuring the Wood

Measure the Wood
Measure the height and width of the wood you already have on the carrom. Calculate how much the thickness of the wood should be.
Go to the wood market tell them the exact sizes you measures and that you’re buying for your carrom.

8. Buy the Wood

Now it’s time for you to buy the wood.
The design and color of the wood should be the same as the wood you already have on your carrom. At least go for the as closest solutions as possible.
Make sure the wood is of good quality.

9. Curved Corners

Obviously, you have to curve the corners of the wood.
Make sure you have the outline of one of the curved edge on a piece of paper and let them know they have to curve and refine the edges like the one you showed.
Wood Outline

10. Glue and Stick it

Wood Glue
Just before gluing the wood. First, place your wood structure you just bought onto the carrom and see ig it places nicely and evenly.
If it does, glue the wood and stick on top of it. Leave the carrom for at least a day. Make sure to apply the pressure on the wood from time-to-time so it will stick on the carrom much better.
If the structure of the wood is not the same as you measured and it does not sit nicely on top of your carrom then you have to modify it a bit.

11. Apply Grouting and/or Paint

Painting Wood
Applying grouting powder and/or paint if you feel the need to.
If you care about the presentation and you think it should look good while you play the game than this is a must.
If you’re not a big fan of looks and only care about playing and scoring. Then leave it!
The mixture of the grouting powder will going to hide the small gap between the woods and the paint on both the woods makes them look that they are in fact one piece when they are not.

12. Clean and Polish Your Carrom

By now your carrom should look dirty.
Take a slightly wet cloth and rub all over your carrom.
Clean and polish your carrom just the way you like.

Warning: Don’t Place the Carrom Vertically

Glass Breakage
As you know we haven’t apply glue beneath the glass and that’s totally fine. But, there’s a higher risk of the glass breakage if we place the carrom vertically.
Sure, it’s fine if there’s a support like behind the cupboard etc. But, anywhere else do it on your own risk.
The reason we didn’t put the glue beneath the glass is so we can easily remove the glass and clean the dust particles if there are any.


Let me know if you have any questions in the comment section down below.
I’ll try to answer it as soon as possible.
Also, do let me know if you liked this tutorial and if you would like to see similar posts in the future.

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